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    It is interesting where we have come to. I remember in the mid-1980's taking an early Sunday morning commercial flight from Cleveland to Chicago with the Chicago Bulls. When I picked up my suitcase at baggage claim, I turned around and there was Michael Jordan waiting for his. But now, women's basketball needs charter flights!
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    I was in Reagan last year on the same fight as Georgetown's men's soccer team (Southwest). I heard bitching more than a few times about how "this sucks," "this is ridiculous," and how they don't know why they can't fly first class.

    At first I thought, do these idiots know how much flying 35 people first class would cost? Let alone that there aren't any airlines in NA with that many first class seats on one airplane? Then I came to my senses and remembered it was Georgetown. Those kids are 90% trust fund babies who went to New England private schools. They've never known anything but rich.

    Affluenza, baby.
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    Times change fast don't they... Shouldn't that be the ADs comeback to it. If Jordan was flying commercial while in the pros these amature college chics can get by just fine doing it too.
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    I'll always cherish the memory of getting my luggage before Michael Jordan got his!
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    You know, listening to Fryowa and revkev and others talk about their situations makes me feel like I'm in the minority on this forum. I've been married for 40 years (to the same woman!). We met in college and got married the summer after my graduation. I'm not yet retired (could be retired, though) but look forward to my retirement years with my wife - we've already got the RV and are planning many microbrewery tours. We're best friends first; we've raised two incredibly different kids. As the comedian said, "One is the kind of kid who would roll the toothpaste down the tube carefully so that every single dollop was used, the other would leave the tube open on the car seat." Now we've got 4 grandkids. I wouldn't trade any of it.
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    Just to be clear I think it’s great that you’re happy. I honestly, 100% do. I’m also happy for you. My mom and dad died really young but they were happily married from the time they were 19 until they were gone.

    My point was that 1) I believe marriage is a religious institution and shouldn’t be a “governmental” institution at the same time (for the reasons I mentioned; we don’t have to debate it), and 2) that kids can thrive under non-traditional situations. Karras doesn’t believe so, and he twisted my words around to insinuate that I somehow encourage divorce or single parent households. Again, not true. He has what I think are shortsighted religious/moral convictions that he’s trying to hide by pigeonholing kids and families as only being able to succeed and thrive under the model he learned about in church. I disagree and we’ll leave it at that.

    I want to stress that I think it’s great that you’re happy, but I also want to point out that just because I’m separated from my son’s mom doesn’t mean I’m unhappy or that we are suffering because of it. To the contrary, I’m very happy where I’m at in life. I have a job and coworkers I like, my son and I get to travel more than most kids his age do, we spend more time together than I did with my dad fishing, camping, attending sporting events, and I’m lucky to be able to coach him in sports. Those things are all connections I didn’t have; not because my dad wasn’t a “good dad” (I loved the man like crazy), but because my folks couldn’t afford to travel or do a lot of those things, and he grew up in a time where dads weren’t always close buddies with their kids. Hugs were awkward and infrequent with my dad. I hug my own kid 20 times a day and it’s like recharging my batteries every damn time. Never gets old.

    You mentioned that after reading about my situation you felt lucky to be where you are in life...I understand your intent with that statement and I know you don’t mean anything negative, but long story short—there’s nothing about me to feel sorry for. I’m happy with my place in the world and my kid and I will be just fine no matter what a fizzle like karras needs to think. He looks at it as a sin or a mistake or something we should be ashamed of. I look at it as a gift to have a kid I get to enjoy so much. I wouldn’t trade any of it either.
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    who do I respond to message?
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    the women movement has had several bad outcomes. 1) young boys are getting screwed in school 2) women think they are just like men 3) men are demonized because they are men. However:
    a) who the hell is going to bear the brunt of raising kids b) fact # 2 is bullshit, because meant generally make more it is harder for older men to compete when the world is changing c) i believe fact#3 is because of economic conditions, why buy the cow when the milk if free, but men in the past have gotten f when divorced in divorce. also the college aged men do get screwed on scholarships in some sports (tennis women get 8 such and men get 4 1/2-I know i have 2 daughter who got tennis scholarship

    lastly, somewhat because of school system women outnumber men in most colleges up to 58% to 42%. Women out number men in many professional areas. And why can’t many professions find enough qualified men/
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    Thou doth protest too much.
    Bro, I'm not a bible thumper. The research and common sense say that kids raised in a nuclear family do better than kids who aren't. Is marriage a joke in 2019? Yes it is, but society isn't more honorable or mature as a result. Just the opposite.
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    Lol. It isn’t up to you do decide if someone’s life is “honorable” or not.

    And bro, how could we be bros if I have a child out of wedlock? I also read Chris Hitchens books and I once laughed at a joke about the Challenger Disaster.

    A man of your upstanding character, a moral lighthouse in this doomed society on rails headed for hell, full of unwed mothers and illegitimate children who grow up to be serial killers and drug addicts could surely not be my bro.
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    Much more child abuse occurs in less than traditional marriage.

    Having a legal hurdle keeps couple going thru tough times together.

    Younger people feeling entitled incuding women has a lot to do with marketing and profits.

    Obesity and a lot of adult ailments are directly related to childhood trauma. Easiest way to improve it?
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    Grew up in a single parent home myself. Back when a little less common than today. I feel like I turned out fine. I think it has more to do with what type of home environment and interaction the parent has with the child. I didn't get married til I was "old" even by today's standard. Had one kid together and now old guy has a young kid and hurts old guy when we wrestle. Just making sure he gets to experience things I didn't get to. And I never felt disadvantaged growing up. Never realized we were really poor. Had fun doing simple stuff.
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    Interesting discussion about the normality and necessity of traditional marriage. However, I surprised that there hasn't been more concern about the whole matter of gender as the university is taking a leading role in questioning the whole concept of gender.

    "U.S. departments of Education and Justice jointly released guidance clarifying that transgender students are protected from discrimination under federal civil rights law known as Title IX. Iowa colleges and universities risk losing federal funding if they don't comply with requirements for transgender students, according to the guidance."

    The Women's teams are complaining about not getting enough charter flights, but we don't even have Trans teams. Seems like having Trans teams would be the logical result of where the university has started going.
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    haha, you really think big business is about "real" capitalism??? so many big corporations and even medium size corporations get more "handouts" with tax payer dollars than actual citizens do. What do you call it when FoxConn gets about $3 billion dollars from the State of Wisconsin by old Gov Fiscal Conservative Scott Walker to build or renovate a plant to build LCD screens. Three Billion Dollars is a big chunk of a State's budget. And then there are the corporate tax loopholes that allow companies netting billions of dollars to not pay any taxes or just a few percent in taxes. Capitalism is the US is social capitalism and palm greasing.

    And do you really think most all men and women get their jobs through merit and abiliity? Again many people get their jobs through connections, friends, nepotism, whatever rather than being the most qualified.

    If you are sole owner of a company do what you want with your money but not if shareholder owned or employee owned.
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    Once EO (Equal Opportunity) is mandated, and jobs (and pensions) are filled with EO graduates who need jobs, the idea that "inequality" will ever go away or diminish will never be mentioned. In fact, it won't be tolerated. The system expands as anecdotal narratives of "unfairness" perpetuate even more expansion.
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    Congratulations! Very blessed!
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    We live in basically a kleptocracy. He who has more influences policy more. Our tax code is proof. Our political policy does it too. If I here "fighting for our frredoms again...

    What do you think the war in Ukraine and Syria is about? Big business. Who got killed on the Malaysia airliner was shot down? A lot of familily of execs from Royal Dutch Shell the day after Chip Biden was named to the board of directors of the largest gas company in Ukraine and Shell ageed to basically run it with Biden on the boards. The war there and Syria is completely about shutting down Russian oil to Erope which would destroy them.
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    . . . indulge me will you while I let this post trigger me :D

    Something I've always hated is the argument ". . . their salary doesn't come from the students or taxpayers . . . " and now I will rant . . .
    The U of Iowa is a public institution. It's owned by the citizens and taxpayers of Iowa. And to the extent it gets federal dollars, by the citizens and taxpayers of the USA. When people donate money to it, or any of its departments, they are donating to a public school built for a public good. In effect any donation is a donation to the state treasury (aka taxpayers) and the students who pay tuition. So when people say "you don't pay ________ salary", yes we do, all of us. Because every penny the U of Iowa takes in is owned by the taxpayers first and foremost. If a building is erected thanx to a donor, the taxpayers will be paying for its maintenance long after the donor has passed away. So those who run the school have a moral responsibility to spend the money wisely. When they don't it is a dereliction of duty on their part. Glad we got that settled. Now we never have to endure the inane argument that some school employees are responsible to the taxpayers and some aren't.
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