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    I am not sure if you were replying to something I said??? You are talking about the the U of I and other public institutions and I was talking about publicly held private companies. Not sure of your connection.
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    Most yes. All, of course not. Sure a lot of the jobs out there are doled out based on who you know/are related to for those that are pretty fortunate. I myself fall into that category. But that's not for the majority. Most people have to go out and get it.

    I wasn't only talking about 'big business' Sure they have their own set of rules when it comes to things your not wrong. But I wasn't even talking about any of that. I was referring to how the majority of every day folks have to go about doing things to get jobs. Mostly those gals that are in those shoes bitching about how they want more perks and $ just because of their gender. Unless your smoking hot and or can make significant $ for others around you nobody is going to cater to you just because of your gender. It don't work that way.
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    Many historians note that by the 1880's, if not before, the US citizens had basically replaced England and its monarchs by the royalty of corporations and wealthy business owners.
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    connection? . . . you were whining about a low-integrity life-form acting in a corrupt way . . . I was just echoing that from a different perspective.