Coach K rips NCAA on one-and-done

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by tweeterhawk, Mar 31, 2019.

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    If the new rules serve to make the programs that don't pay money to college recruits and levels the playing field, I'm all for it. I don't feel sorry for Coach K, Duke and the rest of the current college basketball elite.
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    How about let's just go back to the old model, the one from the 50's? You know the one where all the athletes meet higher minimum entrance requirements, freshmen cannot participate, and the athlete must show progress toward graduation in order to play. OR

    Colleges simply make Basketball an Academic Major and pay the Basketball Majors? Let's quit pretending this is an amateur sport.
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    So he’s crying about the system and the lack of leadership for NCAA Men’s Basketball but offers no solutions.

    You know what that’s called ....
    a lack of leadership.
  5. Zstatman

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    The G League starts this coming summer a program where they will pay top high school talent $125,000 to go right to the G League rather than to college. There will be life lessons as well as a full time commitment to basketball.

    Here's an article on this new program:

    Then here is an article from last December where the #2 2019 5 star prospect commits to Duke. My thought at the time was why would a kid go to college when he could be getting $125k in the G League? I'll leave it up to your own thoughts as to why this might be.
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    Screw it. Let's just open pandora's box and pay the players. There is no coming back from this, but it will make everyone happy and all the problems will just go away.:)
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    Coach K is whining because he'll have to come down to Earth and coach with a non-NBA loaded roster....just like everyone else. Heaven forbid his cheating ass not get every advantage to go along with Nike funneling players to him and ESPN running propaganda.
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    I don't see any NCAA model that pays College Basketball players. There'll be too many lawsuits from student athletes of other sports. Trust me, if there was any way the NCAA could have paid only the Men's basketball players...they would have done it years ago. But they can't.
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    Coach K tried to stick with the "traditional" approach, but being a #4 seed and being done by the first weekend wasn't good enough. It didn't live up to the very standard he created, so he had no choice, but to embrace the one and done. Unless Brad Stevens takes a shitload of money, he realizes Duke is probably heading toward irrelevance once he is done. Might as well try to fight it now.
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    125k would be solid money, but they can take whatever Duke played, tack that on scholly money and make millions after 1 year. Yeah, I understand why some would 'suffer' through a year of college
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    If they have no intention of graduating why make them go to college?
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    If Creighton will pay 100k and a good job for a top player, then my guess is that 125k is a pay cut for Duke stars.
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    Dear Coach K: You are 72 years old and not getting any younger. I hope you never make the Final 4 ever again!
  17. DDThompson

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    To win an NCAA championship
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    I think because of Title IX they would have to pay all players the same across all sports. If they have to give an equal number of scholarships to men and women, I’m sure the pay would have to be equal as well. So that pretty much ensures that they aren’t paying players any time soon.
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    Coach K has been to 2 Final 4s in 16 years and only 1 since the one and done rule. Talk about doing less with more....
  20. DDThompson

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    Plus then it would be taxable income for student/athletes.
    And IRS would love to get this stuff:
    training room/health care/rehab
    travel and lodging benefits
    practice facilities