College Football Playoff has lost its luster

Discussion in 'General College Football' started by HomerChampless, Nov 9, 2015.

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    A one loss Pac10 champion HAS to be in the college football national championship? A one loss B1G champion HAS to be in the college football national championship? A one loss ACC champion HAS to be in the college football national championship? An undefeated Big12 champion MAY NOT be in the college football national championship? Let's not forget all the possible great teams that will be shunned.

    The bloom on this rose has already gone away.
    Politics. Politics...How about the 4 best teams in college football play for the college football national championship? Or the playoff be expanded to let in all the deserving teams? Otherwise this playoff is just an exercise into finding which conference champion of the 'Big 4' conferences is best.
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  2. 99topdawg

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    Here's a guy that simplifies it, based on likelihood of how the season plays out, etc. It's more about the classification (one loss SEC team, etc) than it is about the team itself.

  3. HawkeyeMike23

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    Clemson/Alabama/B10 champ/ND-Stanford game winner. There's your playoff. Thankfully no B12 fraud for the second straight year.
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    It would be hard to argue the final four this year. IMO the right teams were selected for the playoff. Im curious to see what everyone thinks, If we made it past the Spartans, and played Bama?
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    We would have been a lot more competitive than we were against Stanford, IMO. Like it or not, much as they seemed "enthusiastic", I think the B1G CG loss crushed the team.
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    I agree with you on expanding the playoff. This years playoff had the same feel to it as the BCS. I think they should push it up to a 8 team playoff.
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    Yeah. Try to take politics out of choosing playoff teams (although I think politics will still be involved with an 'smallish' expanded playoff structure). Am I leaning toward a basketball-NCAA-sized playoff size of participants for football? Maybe. Keep the current rankings format and expand the number of rankings currently being used for the college football playoffs, too.

    I'm beginning to think this new college football playoff isn't any better than the BCS. Four teams are decided upon to play the 'political' playoffs.

    Don't give any extra weight to a conference champion. I'm starting to sound like Cowherd, now...Maybe I'd better rethink this position...
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  8. HuckFinn

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    So, lets expand to 8 teams. Iowa plays X and wins the first game. Then Iowa plays Y and wins the second game. Then, Iowa plays for a national championship. Are you going to all three games? How many Iowa fans can reasonably afford to make those trips? The Rose Bowl trip last year cost me over $4,000. One game.

    Do you think its good for college kids to play, potentially, 16 games? If a team plays 3 times in a playoff, how far apart are the games? Classes? Injuries? Sorry, but the playoff crap is all about TV revenue and Media hype.

    I am perfectly happy with a 12 game schedule, a conference championship, and a bowl game. 14 games. Good grief.

    And finally, after we expand to 8 teams, the wolves will howl for an expansion to 16.

    End of rant.
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    A lot of good points, but I don't see missed class time being much of a factor since the bulk of the playoffs would occur during Christmas break and I'm not sure how many athletes would be enrolled during that time. While I get your point about the "playoff crap" being about TV revenue and media hype, while that's true, don't you think its also about competition and the desire to compete for a national championship.

    I also see very little difference between playing 14 games and 16 games. Injuries are always going to happen.

    I think the playoff issue is about coming up with an opportunity to determine the national championship on the field while eliminating all the what ifs. If you see a problem with expanding the field there is always the solution of just getting rid of the National Championship all together.
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  10. HerkyMcHerky

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    I still think it is great. It is especially great when your team is a part of the conversation. As we kept winning last year, I couldn't wait for the new standings to come out and the debate that follows. That's why I hope it never expands. The debate itself is part of what makes the lead up to the playoff so much fun.

    It's really no different with the Big Dance.