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  1. 4thngoal

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    Level of confidence we win our bowl?
    I'm going with about 65-70%
    Besides last year, it's been awhile, other wise I would be more confident.
  2. tksirius

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  4. uihawk82

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    50-50 only because we find ways to lose to good teams this year, even when the hawks were the better "team"

    Let's see which way the ball bounces and the yellow flags fly
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  5. revkev73

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    Hmmmmm, interesting question.

    My concern would be that MSU's defensive line will quickly dominate the Iowa o-line.

    Iowa will be unable to move the ball on the ground, and ears back, Stanley will get skeeerd quick.

    Iowa is +7 or so.

    I am thinking Iowa has a chance to play a clean game, and the best game of the season. I put the odds above 50%

    Time to play the role of overachiever rather than underachiever.

    Will Kirk have them ready to go at the start, avoiding the Hawkeye punch drunk opening minutes, when Iowa has been steamrolled by more talented teams, for a quick TKO?
  6. clim3

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    40 percent chance to win
  7. AreWeThereYet

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    I hate to do this, but I'm going with 30% (lower than tksirius)

    Iowa's offense just hasn't functioned this year against good defenses. Iowa's defensive backfield is talented but inexperienced. I can easily see Iowa's defense spending all day on the field, and sooner or later getting exposed.
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  8. revkev73

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    Iowa's defense spending all day on the field, until exhausted...this isn't your first rodeo is it.
  9. thetrza

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  10. AreWeThereYet

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    Not my first rodeo. I've seen how this works before. A good but inexperienced defense spends too much of the game on the field. That leaves the opposing offense with way too much opportunity to find the endzone.
  11. Stanzi

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    Iowa tends to do very well against one dimensional offensive teams. Mississippi State struggles mightily in the passing game. I see it being similar to the Maryland game where we make them beat us with the pass. Hopefully we have a lot of play action and quick slants lined up along with getting the running backs going in the passing game.
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  12. revkev73

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    Concur, this happens to the defense when Iowa is unable to sustain drives with the run, (lack of RB play-makers) opponents crowd the line of scrimmage because Iowa has nearly zero WR threats. It is like an Anaconda, squeezing life out of Iowa's defense which fights valiantly until exhaustion and capitulation. The games are often close, Kirk style, but end up on the wrong side of things.
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  14. BVHawk95

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    60%. We're both much better on defense, but Miss. St. Is completely 1-dimensional on O while we at least have some semblance of balance. Not gonna be many points scored though.
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  15. trj

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    i thought the exact same thing the last 2 Outback Bowl appearances and ended up totally wrong. Let's hope we are right this time.:)

    confidence: 50%
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  16. Stanzi

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    Those games were more about our anemic offense than the other team's offense. Of course, it could be the same story against Miss St, but I sure hope not.
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  17. NCHawker

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    That's an interesting take. At the same time, I just don't think it will be that easy. This Iowa team seemed to be missing an intangible so I am less than 50/50
  18. KCHawkeye

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    It really depends on how Stanley plays. His accuracy has been a struggle all season long. He will need to be decent on the medium and long balls against this defense. And we can't have more than 1 bad interception .. especially in the red zone.