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  1. HawkleberryFinn

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    Just an honest assessment. I think the 2008 team was actually better during bowl season--that team had the potential to beat any team in the country that year. Just had bad breaks/development during the regular season.
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    I do have relatives that live there, but you my unfortunate pos poster have no clue. Do you even know what NEIC means? Or, here's a better clue.....W-SR?? got it now?
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    Yes I do jerkwagon. It means Nebraska Inbred Clown. And...I bet you have relations there.
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    I think the 2008 team at the end of the year was 2nd best under Kirk behind 2002.
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  5. HawkleberryFinn

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    Yeah that’s pretty accurate. I’m not sure what I’d want more...a 2002 do over with usc or the clowns.
  6. AreWeThereYet

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    I think the 2008 team was better at bowl time than the 2002 team. 2008 also greatly benefited from the bowl prep time. People don't remember that Greene was a bit gimpy late in the season, especially the Illinois game, more so Olsen at guard. The break before bowl gave them a chance to heal and the young defensive backfield to further gel.

    The 2002 team didn't benefit a lot from the lay off. If I remember right, Freddy had a stress fracture in his foot that needed a full off season to heal. Iowa's defensive backfield got flat out exposed. USC was really good at the end of the year.
  7. HawkleberryFinn

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    Yeah we lost fair and square, but the team didn’t play to their abilities...especially Banks
  8. BigD

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    So does this excuse KF in your mind?
  9. BigD

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    To answer your question the discussion started in response to the following comment;

    4thngoalWell-Known Member
    “Building something pretty special in Iowa City.”

    Hucks response was a fair one “Based on what?” The discussion then continued on from there.

    Now I hope the recruit we just committed ends up being a great one. None of the comments were directed towards him. In fact I commented that KF may be able to take this type of player and make an NFL player out of him.

    Another one of Hucks comments is a legit one too. Isn’t it more important to most sports fan purist to win divisions then hopefully conference titles? So a player goes pro here and there so what? Let’s call it what it is. Looking for a silver lining on a menacing dark gray cloud. For decades I have heard Hawkeye fans deride and insult Cyclone fans for this same type of thinking. Why is it acceptable for us now?

    If we really didn’t care about the Hawkeyes we would t get upset about it. Good grief fifteen years is long enough without a conference championship. There is nothing wrong with fans being upset about a huge drought.
  10. BigD

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    I agree it was a fun season and it could have been one hell of a great season if we could have Pulled out the win against MSU and then took it to bama. However, we got throttled in the rose bowl and MSU got throttled by bama. You have got to make hay when the opportunities arise. We may never see this opportunity ever arise again with Kirk. The odds of it ever happening again are almost zero. It saddens me to have to admit it. Oh well, nothing to see here, move along.
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    I have always wished the players and coaches nothing but the best, but it appears that the best doesn’t come in the black and gold colors in either of the two major sports. After fifty-threes it very painful to have to come to that conclusion. :(
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    You do realize this is a hawkeye message board right? All things good, bad, and everywhere in the middle get discussed here. It would be really surprising if the amount of players Kirk puts into the NFL never got discussed here. It would be equally surprising if the amount of wins we get compared to NFL players never got discussed. But they both do....along with everything else even mildly hawkeye related. You act like people here go nuts about it. It's a pretty cool thing. That's about all anyone thinks of it.
  13. PCHawk

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    You end about every other post with that line. Quit acting like you just came to that conclusion. You've been saying it for years.
  14. 4thngoal

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    Since you brought me into it.
    Would you agree most conferences have a few really good teams? These upper few teams are going to compete for conference titles.........well like we do in wrestling.
    How many coaches, schools haven't won a conf title in wrestling in 15 years!?
    But we are on the rise. Looking at who we have and who's coming in, I think we will be right in the thick of it. We could very well be in a position to over take Wisconsin as the one to beat in the west. We are close, we are hopeful. The opportunity is there.
  15. hawkdrummer1

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    Tough call. The clown loss was a fluke...Banks' hand rewrap at halftime and subsequent fumbles cost us the game. USC exploited our defense pretty effectively.
  16. trj

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    That USC team was loaded with NFL talent. The '02 Iowa team was great, but I would bet that SC squad put twice as many people into the league than that Iowa team did.
  17. trj

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    I would still take the '09 team as the 2nd best. Wegher/Arob weren't Shonn Greene, but they gave you more versatility. And the defense was just filthy, 8 of the 11 starters made an NFL roster, plus they could overcome Kirk's struggles when it came to game management.
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  18. PCHawk

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    I think if Phil would have been coaching the defense in 09, we would have been rolling teams. It was a horrible decision to play "sit back and wait for the other team to make a mistake" defense with that talent.
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    Beat Clowns and they dont play USC
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    But then they would have drawn Miami and a who's who of NFL talent, even by their standards. Willis McGahee, Clinton Portis, Ed Reed, Jeremy Schokey, Devin Hester, Jonathon Vilma, etc.

    Had it worked out a certain way, USC vs Miami would have been a saucy matchup. Two NFL loaded teams who seldom play each other.