Cook, Bohannon All-B1G

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by RobHowe, Mar 11, 2019.

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    Joe Wieskamp 1st Team All Freshman
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    You see, what do we know?
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    honestly, i'd take jordan murphy 1000 times out of 100 over lamar stevens. that pick makes no sense to me. every single game murphy had was a double-double, almost.
  6. SpiderRico

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    I'm exactly the opposite. Stevens puts so much pressure on a defense with his ability to hit jumpshots, his ability to drive to the hole, etc. Murphy is pretty much a one-trick pony (albeit, he does that one-trick really well :))
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    Rebounds can be a product of many things, I.E number of possessions, number of missed shots, other rebounders around you. Murphy is without question a very very good rebounder.

    As a player I’m taking Stevens, so I tend to side with the coaches who scouted and played against both.

    Both were deserving candidates.
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    LINK to all-Big Ten teams and award winners.
  9. SidFarkas

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    Luka Garza honorable mention.
    Kids fought threw a hell of a lot to play this year.

    Congrats Luka! You’re a great Hawk.
  10. WindsorHawk

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    I agree with POY, FOY & COY. And I agree with the all freshmen team. I would put Stevens ahead of Murphy.
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    6th place in B1G
    Six upper division for Iowa since 2013 (Tie with Wisky). MSU with most 7.
    NCAA qualifier. 4 for 6.
    4 players with conference honors.

    Just lining up more rationale to run Fran...
    I’m breathing through my nose again after yesterday.
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    So...looking at only 1st, 2nd and 3rd team and the all freshmen team who’s back next year? Best guess on underclassmen?
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  13. SidFarkas

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    I think Fernando and Smith at Terps both gone.
  14. PCHawk

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    I'd say it's about time for your yearly "what everyone is losing" thread. It's a fun thread to look at.
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    I looked at a couple mock drafts and don’t see Smith. He may enter for evaluation and return.
  16. WindsorHawk

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    Yeah. I was going to do that today but didn’t get around to it and won’t have time this evening...probably tomorrow.
  17. NikeHawk21

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    1st Team:
    Gone - Happ (Sr)
    Likely Gone - Fernando
    Could Go - Stevens & Edwards
    Likely Stay - Winston

    2nd Team-
    Gone - Murphy (Sr)
    Likely gone - Langford
    Could go - Iggy
    Likely stay - Simpson & Cowan

    3rd Team -
    Gone - Palmer Jr (Sr)
    Likely gone - Cook (not smart)
    Could go - Coffey
    Likely stay - Ward & JBo

    Others -
    Gone - Morgan, McQuaid, Goins, Pardon, Cline (all seniors)
    Likely gone - Dosunmu
    Could go - Poole
  18. WindsorHawk

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    But I was wondering about the all conference guys...trying to figure out how many seniors and early outs from the top tier.
  19. WindsorHawk

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    I think Langford and Bruno are definitely gone.
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