Council Bluffs Tight End Thomas Fidone Has Hawkeyes Among Top Choices

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by RobHowe, Jan 15, 2020.

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    Lewis Central standout sees recruitment skyrocket:

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    “I love Iowa and their coaches. They do a great job developing their tight ends. The only thing that scares me a little is they have a pretty full tight end room,” he said.”

    Pretty real quote from him. Gets me a little giddy about Iowa’s O going forward.
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    Iowa is fine at tight end and likely always will be.

    That said, this kid as an unbelievably high ceiling. He should be a priority and believe that he is.
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    Dammit Saban stay out of our state!
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    We somehow need to show this kid, Iowa is the place for him. The room may be crowded, but cream rises to the top. Like I said in previous posts, you have the option to put a 3 TE look out there. Early on he can play out wide. A 3 TE set can beat the pants off of teams like the tOSU’s and the Alabama’s of the world. TE’s are a matchup nightmare to LB’s and DB’s.
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    Is Nebbie playing the NIL angle there? I remember seeing something a few months back that they were among the first programs to develop a plan/vision for how to help their student athletes secure endorsement deals. Pretty forward thinking on their part.

    Hopefully Iowa gets on this quick, seems like a good Tyler Barnes/Kelvin Bell project.

    edit: This wouldn't have to be run by football staff, right? This could be like support staff, like the academic support people? Or is this more like recruiting people (who are part of the football staff, and hence you can only have so many of)?
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    I'm really not sure who designs graphics for Nebraska. It's someone on the staff, though.
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    Well he shouldn't be afraid of competition.
    Iron sharpens Iron.