Creative bracket limits the B1G

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by FirstDownHawkeyes, Mar 23, 2019.

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    How does the B1G get 3 teams on one side of one region? That is just ridiculous. MN plays MSU in the second round. Come one NCAA. And the winner could play MD. That’s just ridiculous. Make MD a 5, MS St a 6 and have either MN or OSU be in the play in and make Belmont a 10. Now was that so hard? Seriously. WTH?
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    Izzo threw shade on the whole thing in his postgame interview on Thursday. It was great....because it's total nonsense
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    wish I was smart enough to upload the "blow job" link from Animal House, cause thats what this was.............
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    I'm guessing it has a lot to do with the seeding they gave.

    The seeds the B1G teams had were tied together: 2, 2, 3, 5, 6, 10, 10, & 11.

    All of those seeds except Wisconsin's 5 play in the same sub region. Basically the bottom half of each region. So you're putting 7 teams into 4 sub regions and you can only split those up so many ways.

    You could have probably put Maryland or Minnesota in a different region. I don't think the committee should ever reassign seeds based on putting too many conference teams in the same region. The seed line should take priority and if you play a conference opponent so be it.
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    A - 2, 6...MI & MD
    B - 2, 11...MSU & OSU
    C - 3, 10...PUR & IA
    D - 5, 10...WI & MN

    Look at that. It took me less than 30 seconds to keep the seeds the same; put 2 teams in each region; and make sure they didn’t play before the Sweet 16. I must be some kind of genius. Put me on the committee.
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    It had to be intentional to ensure diversity in the S16 and beyond. The committee knows the B1G is the strongest conference.
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    They didn’t seemed worried about diversity in the Final 4...3 ACC teams as 1 seeds. Then they put the 4th best ACC team in the 4th region. That’s pretty darn convenient.
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    Beating Tennessee would kill two birds with one stone.

    It would get another B1G into the sweet sixteen AND keep one fewer SEC team from getting there.

    Thanks what made Maryland's loss to LSU twice as crushing.

    Purdue provided some redemption by taking care of business.
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    <<I don't think the committee should ever reassign seeds based on putting too many conference teams in the same region>>

    So how many other P6 teams played fellow conference opponents the first weekend? How many will play the second weekend?

    Earliest it "could" have happened for ACC? Elite 8. SEC? Ditto. Big XII? Sweet 16.
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    You certainly think you are.
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    Compared to you? Your post made it sound like the committee had no options because of seeds. It took me 30 seconds to prove you wrong. That’s on you.
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    Minney had to be pissed with their draw, knowing MSU was going to blow them out. At least Goof fans spent their money in DM.