Daily Iowan's Article today on the Iowa Band

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    Per the Daily Iowan today and this band members Corey Knopp. & Nathan Topping..........

    Knopp: "As we were doing our typical series in, I had a full beer bottle thrown at me and was pulled away from the band."

    Topping alleged he had a full can of beer thrown at him and it hit his forearm leaving a large bruise. He said this was during a break away section during their typical series line, so there was less visibility by police officials.

    Topping also said in the article that he was..."carrying a drumline stand and alleged that isu fans attempted to take it from him while they also were grabbing at his arms.

    Another article in the paper titled "The Iowa-ISU rivalry is getting out of hand" was a point of view perspective from two isu fans (married couple) who graduated from isu in 85 & 86. They have a daughter in this years Iowa Marching Band

    Their quotes: "As a proud Iowa State University Alums, we were mortified to learn of our daughter's experience at the 2019 Cy-Hawk game as a member of the Iowa Marching band." These two isu alums claimed that their daughter described isu fans who swore at the Iowa band and constantly flipped them the bird.

    Then of course, these two isu alums played the victim card in the article saying quote "We were equally saddened to find out that the ISU marching band has a similar experience at Kinnick Stadium last year."

    Why and the "F": did no one from ISU then bring up last YEAR that their band was treated so poorly then??!?! Iowa State is being accused of something pretty bad here and they are just trying to spin it around and play the victim card!!!!
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    YEs if the ISU people complained about iowa fans last year or in past years then maybe this whole problem would be out in the open and there would be more security and less chance of it happening in the future.

    Think about that Pollard, you moron, and dont try to hold back on your cards
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  3. uihawk82

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    The information is getting out and if at least it means more security and less trouble in the future then I am for that.

    And less idiot fans.
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  4. hawkeyes87

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    Throwing anything is obviously way over the line, but

    is it possible your daughter could look away from anybody constantly flipping her off?

    Not condoning it, and yes if it was my daughter (I have 2 boys) I'd be concerned, but I'd also point out to her we can choose what we let bother us.
  5. uihawk82

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    People are supposed to be able to enjoy their time at the game, look all around at the crowd, or maybe this lady wanted to look at other members of the band and when she did she was bombarded with middle fingers so your logic doesnt hold. Blame this on the perps not the victims.
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  6. hawkeyes87

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    I said I don't condone it.

    I looked up the article. Here are some quotes (1st person, from the parents perspective):

    She (the daughter) described ISU fans who swore at the band, yelled "go home", and continuously flipped them the bird.

    When the band, cheer squad, and dance team of either team passes by, tell them "Great job and good luck!"

    Again I'm not condoning the swearing, and definitely not the throwing stuff, but to me that sounds like parents expecting their college kids to be treated like they're 5 years old.
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    Everyone is arguing about the bands. Next. Go to a Wisconsin game. Go to a Philadelphia professional sporting event. Go to a Hockey game. If you want a band, go to a high school game. Let's play football. For the record, assault is a crime. It should be investigated and handled legally. Then if it cant be policed properly, leave the bands at home. Home games and parades only.
  8. Jonrn

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    I guess my question is why do bands even go to away games at all? Who cares if the Iowa band is at jack trice?
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  9. blubberhawk

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    Seems like this is where it always ends up when there are conversations involving fan behavior at sporting events.
    Comments like "look away", "ignore", "if you don't like it, don't bring your kids to the game", etc.

    "Sober" fans who want to just come and enjoy the game have NO RIGHTS. The drunken morons who spend most of the day yelling crap at opposing fans (and even our own coaches and players) are defended as just having a good time.

    Fans should be able to go to a college football game without seeing F**k Iowa T-shirts and listening to drunk, obnoxious idiots call you names. It has become so common, so normalized and accepted that Universities have given up trying to fix..
  10. uihawk82

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    The hawk band usually travels to one Big 10 away game, usually one of the closer ones like jNW or Minny, Wisky or Illinois so they can bus over. It is part of supporting the team and maybe a perk for most band members. ISU is an easy trip for the band.

    So many kill joys on this site.
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  11. uihawk82

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    Are you saying the university of Wisconsin band does not play at all at their home games? They are not in the stadium?
  12. uihawk82

    uihawk82 Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah and another kill joy. The Redskins have a band or used to as did some other nfl teams. But they might be gone now that everything has to blare through speakers.
  13. uihawk82

    uihawk82 Well-Known Member

    Great answer and post.
  14. proudhawkfan21

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    My point is, at all of those places you'll have 50 cent pieces, batteries and shrapnel thrown at you as a member of the band or not. Sack up or stay home.
  15. blubberhawk

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    People are drunken assholes everywhere so we just have to deal with it or stay home?
    See what I mean? Let the the drunken idiots have their fun. You people who want to enjoy a day at the football stadium without dealing with drunken crazies, stay your ass home. Is that how you are going to look at this situation when it's your wife or daughter assaulted?
    "Billy club" these bastards and put'em in jail. Maybe this crap will stop.
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  16. proudhawkfan21

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    Hey spaz. I'm not going to cry to my university. I'm going to walk over to that section and whoop everyone who looks at me's ass or get my ass whooped but some people are going to lose some limbs and teeth either way. My point is...dont F'ing cry to the university, tell the cops right away otherwise, it wasnt as bad as you think it was. If you werent immediately compelled to tell the cops or defend yourself, it wasnt so bad. My whole point....dont go crying to the university.
  17. hawkeyebob62

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    And a couple years ago all this board said was, "The U of I is ruining everything for the fans!"

    Nobody is saying make the band stay home, or "deal with it". What we ARE saying is, "This crap happens. Nothing new to see, here."

    That, and, why is there NO video? Anywhere? Of ANY of this? Showing an injury after the fact is only half-compelling.

    Again, though, I say, leave the band at home. Or, cancel the series with ISU. Problem(s) solved.
  18. Northside Hawk

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    Our basketball team goes up there this year.

    Given the way the last two basketball games have gone (Pemsl tangles with fan while chair severely gashes leg, Cordell and Jacobsen, the end of game at Carver last year) and now this incident on top of it, where would you lay the odds of a situation occuring in Hilton? At least fifty-fifty?
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  19. HawkGold

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    You obviously have little understanding of assault.
  20. Seth53

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    True, and the only real way to alleviate it is either by staying home, or, spending a ton of buxx for one of those new luxury box seats.