Damn good article from Leisitkow. Please read.

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    He really nails some good observations. Can he be our coach?

    Love the suttle dig that Connor is getting too many minutes.

    Careful Chad. Keep this up and you will get banned from the meat and cheese tray. :D
  2. tksirius

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    Chad wrote a negative article? I find that hard to believe.
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    Moss isn’t the answer in late shot clock situations. His step back jumpers and when he does take shots off the bounce are typically coming off a screen with the defender trailing. He’s good at taking advantage of that but he’s still not squaring a guy up and taking him off the dribble or able to take a couple hard drives for a pull up. But we really don’t have a good option.
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    Turning the ball over nearly as many times as made field goals is not a good formula for Cook. Why Fran lets this go on is beyond me. Cook is gone after this season, why cater to his ego. Cook needs to rebound, play D, and score within 5 feet of the basket. He is not a point forward! As slow as Garza is, he is twice the playmaker that Cook is. To me this is Garza's team, he needs to touch the ball on 75% of all Iowa possessions or more. Cook should be a support player on offense.
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  5. HaydenHawk56

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    I wish he would have added a disclaimer on to Jordan....When he launches a 35 foot three point shot early in the shot clock.....can we have our players practice getting back on defense instead of getting beat for an easy lay-up run out on the miss. :)
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  6. tweeterhawk

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    I doubt Fran Hide-Bound considers any of this but Chad makes good points, backed up by numbers. Thanks for sharing.
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  7. revkev73

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    Moss isn't a good option at the end of a game, but he is perhaps the best option more of the time.

    Cook is a high risk, high talent, mistake prone team member. His highlight reel dunks are entertaining but often he isn't helpful for team success. Fran is in on the NBA tune up season with Cook. You made your bed, sleep in it.

    JB struggles to get his shot off against athletic talent. He is a short, shooting guard. He can't cover athletic players. Although he is limited at this stage, CM is a better option for the minutes he is playing.

    Fran's substitution patterns are helter-skelter. Similar to his time out usage. I have no idea, perhaps he doesn't either.

    Iowa seems to like playing the full court trap defense which burns some clock off for the opponents. Of course, it usually takes an Iowa score or FT attempt to set it up.

    Two cents
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  8. BigD

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    He is spot on about our woman to man defense. We can not play on equal ground against quicker more talented teams playing man to man. Fran seems hell bent on proving his man to man defense is going to work. We don’t have the quickness or tathletism to do this. Something inside of me wants to think that long contract extensions seems to breed bull headed behavior. :rolleyes:
  9. 1hawkeye1

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    Iowa can play some M2M defense. I've seen them do it well at times. But it can't be for long stretches.

    Moss is not the late shot clock answer. Unfortunately, neither is anyone else. Weiskamp?

    Feels like JBo should play more, but I'm struggling to come up with a reason why.

    Here's my one suggestion: Weiskamp needs to be more aggressive offensively. WAY more.
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  10. WinOneThisCentury

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    Hey Chad,

    There is a reason #5 isn't happening. When Jobo can't get a shot off an entire game against more athletic bigger guards, and he's not exactly Kevin Boyle on the defensive end...well...I'm not sure how you play him more minutes. Connor at least is physical and can stop some people, and he'll rebound. Unfortunately, Minnesota hit shots they haven't been hitting consistently all year. They are a lousy three point shooting team...but you would not have known that Sunday. Certainly, there were open threes, but there were also several shots that were contested that went down.

    I loved the comment that Fran's defensive comments take years to learn. He should be fired immediately if that actually came out of his mouth. Let me tell you...any "defensive concept" that puts Jordan Bohannon on the baseline guarding the back of the zone should be given a proper funeral and be gone forever.
  11. Hawkfnntn

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    I have to say it wasn't all that subtle... He did a great job of spelling it all out. Hope someone put it on Frans desk..
    Yet there are some that think CM needs more mins... Not sure of their logic in that but there are some.
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  12. lightning1

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    I don't know Chad or his back ground in basketball, but that's a horrible article and he's wrong in almost everything he wrote. Lol.
    1) You can't talk about playing better defense in one sentence and then advocate for more playing time for some of our worst defenders in the next (JBo and Moss). Connor gets more of JBo's minutes because he plays defense better.
    2) Maybe. I don't care what defense he chooses to play but pick 1 and work on recruiting for it and perfecting it. Great coaches don't use defensive concepts that "take years to pick up". You only get college players for 4 or 5 years at the most. Why would you try and teach a system so complex, they won't grasp until their 3rd or 4th years?
    3) He got this one right.
    4) Maybe? I'm not even sure how you approach this as a coach. I want TC playing close to the basket too but we don't have anyone that can beat their man off the dribble and get to the rim. TC might be the best option we have for that situation. And that's the boat that Fran recruited himself into.
    5) See #1.
  13. InGoodCo

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    How hard were you clapping when Fran sat the entire starting lineup Sunday for an extended period? I just imagined you nodding in approval.
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  14. lightning1

    lightning1 Well-Known Member

    I respect the message. I'm sure he went in to half time and told them to play better defense or they'll sit down. He probably had no choice.
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  15. Hawknigh

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    This article's 5 points will be a good tool for measuring Fran's success/failure in making necessary adjustments in February. Alas, I don't really expect him to do much that is different. Thus, strapping in for a rough end of the season.
  16. hawkdrummer1

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    McCaffery has even explained that it takes his players years to learn all the defensive concepts he deploys

    This line jumped out at me. Hey Fran, you only get guys for 4 years, maybe 5. If the above is true, you're doing it wrong.

    I also agree with his "eliminate total bench banishment for a second foul". Somewhat reminiscent of Kirk's "fumble banishment"...which he's lighten up on a little bit.
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  17. sioux34

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    I still agree with sitting a player after 2 in the first half. I would rather a player be a little more tentative in the first half than have them unavailable for the rest of the game when they foul out early in the second half.
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  18. InGoodCo

    InGoodCo Well-Known Member

    well, he had to try something and no one has railed on Fran for holding players accountable more than you. It almost worked cause they did claw back, then made some more bone head plays down the stretch.
  19. lightning1

    lightning1 Well-Known Member

    Jumped out at me too. Good defense is hard enough without complicating things. You don't want your players thinking too much on the defensive end. Give them sound principles and let them react to what the offense is doing.
    I thought the line about the coach fouling out more of his players than the officials...was a great comment. And it's absolutely true.
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  20. hawkdrummer1

    hawkdrummer1 Well-Known Member

    How can they be a little more tentative in the first half if they're sitting on the bench?