DC PF Luka Garza Officially Visiting This Weekend

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by RobHowe, May 4, 2016.

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    I think we can do better than an Olesani too, I just mean his athletic presence on defense more than anything. Yes Louisville wants him but they have guys who sit on the bench too and coaches who swing and miss on recruits. It also depends how your ream is made up, our team continually recruits long athletic players who can switch defense, Garza doesn't fit that scheme.
    Woody always played hard, but he didn't exactly fit Fran's scheme either and he was offered by UNC and a host of other blue bloods. Had Woody gone to UNC he never would have started and played pretty sparingly. Like I said, blue bloods need guys to ride the bench too and for depth purposes.
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    And if we didn't get Woody we would have been even worse, so there's that.
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    Regardless of * rating we're in a much better position to land recruits than we were the year we landed Woody. If Garza is Woody (different style of game I know, but perhaps similar contribution) we can do better, so there's that.
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    If Fran can do better he will. So if we sign Garza we couldn't do better.
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    Not necessarily. Any coach is going to have a couple lists. One are his top picks. One are for the backups, which we are not even close to looking at yet. Garza is on Fran's top picks list for certain. If Garza were to commit to Iowa, Fran would take him now.

    Garza is not the top player on the list, I would take Williams ahead of him in a heartbeat. And there are several others we have no idea about. There always are. Some of them could be better picks than Garza. But if Garza were to say I'm in, Fran would not wait for the better player and risk losing someone on his top pick list.

    A lot of times you can almost always do better. But is it worth the risk of potentially losing someone who's more than good enough? See Oliver Martin.
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    Some offers are used to putt pressure on better players...might want to take it now, or you will be left out. Up to you...
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    Who knew. Norte Dame likes players with flat feet too.
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    Garza would be a big contributor to the hawkeyes if he decided to come. One major think Garza has over Woodbury is he is a scorer. I don't know if he has NBA potential, but from what I've read he is a high major college talent. It would be fun to watch Garza and Kriener for four years in the middle. Kriener is suppose to be pretty good offensively too.
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    I get all of this. And I agree with most of it. If a better player commits before Garza then we take him. If Garza commits first we take Garza...couldn't do better at that point in time. I'm not going to speculate on what could have happened if we hadn't taken Garza.
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    Williams has Iowa in his top five, Garza has Iowa in his top four, and Nunge has said that Iowa was his favorite. Its interesting to see how much Iowa recruiting has picked up since Fran has been here. Three quality bigs with only one scholarship to offer. If Garza came to Iowa he would be a star. Williams coach has said that he would probably wait until the spring to decide, and who knows how many scholarships Iowa might have by then even if Garza did commit to Iowa. Hopefuly, there won't be any transfers and Garza commits to Iowa. Kriener, Pemsl and Cook all look like they are pretty gifted offensively. Garza is suppose to have the total offensive package. Think how much better Iowa would of been if Woodbury had been a great offensive player.
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    Looks like a lot of people were skeptical at first about Luka but this "troll" wasn't. Funny how that works! :):):)
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    That's terrible, what did we do to lose him?
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    Ah, the memories ...

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    Great thread bump! I was gonna go back at some point and dredge up the old @lightning saying Garza is flat footed and will suck posts.
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    What happened to that guy? He hasn't posted since May.
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    I wanted to say I nailed it but Garza was more useful as a freshman than I ever thought he would be. Just he is really coming into his own after a few years in the program.
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    Hahahah this has aged so well :)
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    Either got banned or left the board after a scrum with Rob I think. He was the kind of guy that thought he knew everything, when in fact, he didn't know that he didn't know anything
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    I like to think it was the $50 he lost to me by saying Iowa has 0% chance of making NCAA last season.... or the fact that I now knew his true identity and could out him at any moment....but it was probably because he couldn't afford internet or something.