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  1. PCHawk

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    AJ is the exact personality that would come back. The guy picked being at Iowa over anything else. He loves iowa and wants to be here. Anyone who says he's for sure gone is just projecting their priorities onto him. There is a high likelihood hat he's gone, but it's not a sure thing.
  2. IowaTeddy

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    I'm with you guys. I really hope he comes back and I'll even stand with your justification as to why he could potentially want to return for his senior year. But I think he is absolutely leaving.
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  3. TJHawkeye

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    Take the money and run.
  4. 4thngoal

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    Do what is in your heart and you'll never regret it.
  5. vegashawki

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    Wasn’t the reason his old man didn’t get a shot in the NFL was because of injury? He gone.
  6. guffus

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    Sounds like somebody who has been very lucky in life.