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AJ is the exact personality that would come back. The guy picked being at Iowa over anything else. He loves iowa and wants to be here. Anyone who says he's for sure gone is just projecting their priorities onto him. There is a high likelihood hat he's gone, but it's not a sure thing.


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As was said, barring a severe injury he's a first rounder no matter what. Even if he comes back and other teams double him all year and his stats reflect that, he will go first round of he has a good year this year.
Fact he might want his Sr year to show more of being an every down player, because if you go first round, they expect you to come in ready for what ever they throw at you.
Also with the NCAA allowing it, I don't think the university is going to mind paying insurance policies for first round picks to come back. I would hope not anyway. Because if you don't think Clemson, bama, ECT are covering their first rounders policies, your high.

I'm with you guys. I really hope he comes back and I'll even stand with your justification as to why he could potentially want to return for his senior year. But I think he is absolutely leaving.