DeSanto beat Gross

Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by ClintonIAfan, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. ClintonIAfan

    ClintonIAfan Well-Known Member

    A great win for Austin, he had 3 take downs, and was aggressive throughout. Expect him to be the new #1 ranked wrestler at 133.

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  2. ClintonIAfan

    ClintonIAfan Well-Known Member

    Iowa is out to win this!

  3. mopkins

    mopkins King Kong

    I'm hopping on the bandwagon and actually watching Iowa tonight instead of SNF. They are crazy good and fun as hell to watch. That Penn State dual is gonna be nuts
  4. ClintonIAfan

    ClintonIAfan Well-Known Member

    And the pin!

  5. phdsvp

    phdsvp Well-Known Member

    Wilcke has gotten enough chances. It should be Brands from here on out.
  6. ClintonIAfan

    ClintonIAfan Well-Known Member

    Nelson Brands had an illness, so he did not wrestle today.

    And nice upset for the freshman to finish things off 32-3!

  7. The Big LeHAWKski

    The Big LeHAWKski Well-Known Member

    Agree - Cash clearly was out of gas throughout sudden victory. Matches like that can decide a dual. Sounds like Nelson caught a bug and was recovering.
  8. The Big LeHAWKski

    The Big LeHAWKski Well-Known Member

    How 'bout DeSanto's attempted jump-over! That kid has a motor like no other and he's ballsy enough to attempt a move like that against the #1 kid - incredible!
  9. revkev73

    revkev73 Well-Known Member

    I watched most of it on BTN, great win for Iowa and for me personally who lives in Wisconsin! I reminded two of my Badger golfing buddies to watch it since it was being broadcast. One wrote me at the conclusion...this wasn't even a match!
  10. #1DieHardHawk

    #1DieHardHawk Well-Known Member

    I really like this team. There's a real camaraderie there that you just don't see too often in wrestling - most of the credit goes to Lee, who single-handedly has altered the landscape of the program.

    Everyone looked solid. Wilke is Wilke. He will pull out the occasional upset, but just seems incapable of taking that next step. Warner just kind of cruised through his match. He's another one that needs to take that next leap in his development. The sky's the limit for him, but, like last year, he has a tendency to leave some things on the mat.

    Will they have enough firepower to take down PSU? Hard to say, but it won't be for lack of effort. This team is dialed in.
  11. HawksMN

    HawksMN Well-Known Member

    I really should get to a match.....