Did Moss see himself as Jok

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    If you think about this from his perspective he may have a point. Think about how Jok ran off of screen after screen to get open and the offense revolved around him. It wouldn't be all that crazy seeing that at thinking I can do that. If had to guess he was helped a little in coming up with that idea. In my opinion Moss does have the ability to play in the NBA much more than Jok did/does. It would be one year and I think it a huge mistake to let Moss go. He is the only guy who has the size and quicks to get the to the basket on the team yet can shoot. His only issue was confidence plain and simple. For those who think JW is gonna set the world on fire without Cook or another PG to get him the rock..your wrong. Don't get me wrong I like JW...he is a strong kid who is a solid player in the B1G, but its more like Matt Gattens than Roy Marble. THIS IS A MISTAKE by Fran...give Moss what he wants for 1 year. It doesn't make sense to sink 4 years into a guys and see what he is capable of doing only to send him packing when he asks to be the focus of the offense. Shoot Iowa used to run much slower worse shooters off screens then Moss and we made tournaments at that time. I don't get it. MOSS DONT GO! FRAN pull head out of A##
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    It stinks he left, although I see his point. Will be routing for him, which I rarely do when a Hawk transfers
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    Moss probably didn't have enough energy in him to run off screens.
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    Giving a kid "what he wants" is a sure fire way to destroy a team. Especially when it means redesigning an entire offense. What happens when the next kid doesn't get his way?
    Fran didn't "let Moss go." Moss left. He has that right and I don't have a problem with him leaving to seek a bigger role.
    I haven't seen anyone on this forum say that JW would set the world on fire. But he's a damned good player, and a helluva lot better than you are giving him credit for.
    With all these incendiary statements you are making, I smell a troll job. Looks like I bit. You win.
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    I think everyone is overthinking it.

    From whatever conversations happened with Fran in private, Moss probably got the feeling that his minutes were going to be reduced so he wanted to go somewhere where he’d play more. I’m sure it’s that simple.

    Whether you agree with his minutes going to someone else is an entirely different conversation that doesn’t really involve Moss, just Fran’s competency as a coach. To Moss it’s just an, “it is what it is” situation so he’s moving on.
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    I’m pissed about Moss leaving but his only issue is not confidence.

    He had a very low basketball IQ and really has never shown the ability to move without the ball to get himself open. You can set a million screens for a guy but if he doesn’t understand how to use them effectively it’s not going to be worth anything.

    He also is a shaky ballhandler at best, which is why although you see the occasional nice drive and think to yourself why doesn’t he do that more, several others end with the ball getting away from him.

    Now Moss would have been a quality scorer for us and when surrounded by other scorers he can be effective. He’s deadly as a spot up shooter. But I don’t think Moss would thrive as the “go to” guy on a successful team. He would get his buckets for sure but not in an efficient manner.
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    I did read Jok plays for a G league team in Arizona and shot 41% from 3. The article read like he has a chance to get to the show next season.
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    I think the question is fair. Fran has said Moss wanted a bigger role, and Jok was the last dominant shooting guard to come through. Indeed, I think we have all been waiting for Moss to step into that role and he just never did. Jok was lights out his junior year and deserved to be the man his senior year. I have seen nothing but flashes from Moss. Never a consistent threat.

    I am sure Fran sees the same thing. I suspect he told him that he would continue to start, but there will be 2 more guards in the mix for minutes, plus another wing player (4 star athlete with same name as the coach). Whether Fran expressly said this to Moss or not, I am sure it was obvious that his role was likely to stay about the same... at best.

    He is a Big 10 level starter, but an average one. I can see why he fielded interest. Anyone with an open scholly would want him on a one year deal, even if just for depth. Hell, we want him. It just is what it is.
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    Giving Jok what he wants (needs) is quite different than giving Moss what he wants (needs). Yes, I think Moss should have had an expanded role, but Moss is not Jok.
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    Yes Moss didnt have CM to contend
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    It seemed to me that Moss struggled with playing within his capabilities... he wanted to showcase more, but couldn't take that next step. Jok knew his strengths and weaknesses and usually stayed within his own boundaries - Moss didn't which resulted in turnovers or hurried shots.

    I think that's why you generally see a large amount of transfers, instead of looking hard at their capabilities and playing within those parameters. Players see themselves going to the NBA and hope they find the right path to get there. They struggle for one reason or another and transfer, thinking that another program will provide the right path.
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    Well said 28. These kids are told since middle school that they are NBA material. Most are not.

    You hear of some transfer situations going well. But, I suspect just as many quietly fizzle out.

    I truly hope Moss lands on his feet and does well wherever he goes. But, he has to start over with a new team, coach and system. Seems like 50/50 shot he ends up regretting leaving a starting role for a likely tournament team.
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    So tell me, Jok's senior year who else would the offense be built around? He was the only returning starter. We graduated 4 seniors from the previous year. His junior year he was 2nd Team All Big 10. His starting teammates his senior year were Jordan Bohannon (FR), Tyler Cook (FR), Ahmad Wagner (SO) and well several others including Cordell Pemsl (FR), Dale Jones (SR), Dom Uhl (JR) and others. There really was no other experienced player to work with; one could argue that Dale Jones had experience but unfortunately he was injured early and often during his Iowa career.

    Next year's team will have three returning starters. We have other players who do have significant experience returning. Building your team around a player that was not selected to any post-season all Big 10 teams would not be a smart thing to do.

    I wish Isaiah well. He was fun to watch in his years as a Hawkeye.
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    JoeW is going to be one of the best Hawkeyes ever

    In my opinion

    We haven't seen all of his moves around the basket

    A few, but not even a small sample of his arsenal

    Nobody knows what he is going to do under the basket, which side of the rim he will use

    Left hand or right

    Facing the basket or back to the basket

    Whether or not he will turn anound and fiip the ball wiith english on the backboard

    Into the basket for a score

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    One thing about Moss was that he might have been underutilized

    If we could get the ball to him, as we did his freshman season in Transition

    He would have scored many more points. He would be wide open racing downcourt

    Waiting for the outlet pass that never came

    After a while he stopped looking for it

    When he did get the ball in transition, quickly, he was adept taking it to the rim

    And difficult to stop

    I kept screaming at the TV, Pass the mfing ball to Moss

    JoBo didn't even look at his side of the court most times

    We Will miss him

    However I have a feeling and have heard rumors that Fredrick going to be very good

    Only 6 long months until the first exhibition game

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    In general Fran's offense does very little to free up shooters. Other than pick and roll, perimeter screens are uncommon, mostly just used to free up a high post position. I don't really get why that is with the shooting talent on this team.
    And if anyone should be bothered by the lack of focus on opening up shooters it's JBo. We saw Moss and Cook ignore him on the perimeter repeatedly and he's probably the best shooter in the conference.
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    No Troll just honest thoughts. Jw struggles to make contested shots...his release is pretty slow and he’s not very explosive. He’s a good not great athlete and likely will not play in the NBA. If this offends u, then sorry not sorry. I hope I’m wrong and he’s an AA but I’ve seen a ton of b-ball in my life and this is my opinion. Moss has god given talent no one else on team has.
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    You and I see different players when we watch Moss and JW. I too have coached and seen a lot of BB in my life. Agree to disagree. JW is going to be one of the best Hawks to come through Iowa during the last 20 years. No one will remember Moss in a couple years, with good reason.