Did Nate level off his last season?

Discussion in 'Football' started by BigD, Feb 19, 2020.

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    It worked okay for Elway and Manning, it'd work out okay for Burrow too.

    The Bengals could be pricks about it but when the rubber meets the road and some team makes them an offer they can't refuse, money talks and bullshit walks.

    My thoughts...

    1) I've always said that in the long run financially it makes more sense for a QB to forgo money to somehow join a good team. Imagine Tom Brady playing for the Jets or Dolphins or Browns. Those organizations didn't have the periphery (players, staff, owners, or the city itself) for Brady to succeed no matter how good he was.

    2) This just underscores how much the NFL needs to go to a lottery system. And I don't mean a weighted lottery system like the NBA, either. Straight up 32 ping pong balls in the machine. Instead of competitiveness and equity all the current system creates is early career deaths for good players.
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    He had 12 losses as a starter, you eliminate 3 of those losses, maybe even 2 and we are having a entirely different conversation.
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    I am a Steeler fan, Ben Roethlisberger is a good quarterback and a likely hall of famer ......if he got drafted by the Bills he is Ryan Fitzpatrick.

    As great as Patrick Mahomes is, he landed in the perfect spot with Andy Reid.

    Obviously, there are other factors, but a good chunk of this is luck and timing.
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    what I saw with Beathard was a guy who was nimble and quick in the pocket and therefore could use his legs when under duress. The flaw with Stanley was that he had very little mobility. It is easier to fluster a QB who cannot move in the pocket.

    Just my two cents
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    Arguably the only stat that matters at the end of the season is the number of wins. Every QB during the Ferentz era had his most wins, for a variety of reasons, in the year in which he became the outright starter with the exception of Nate Stanley. Nate garnered one more win each season over the three years he started.

    The question the decision makers in the NFL have to answer is: Has Stanley reached his plateau?

    Their statisticians will look at how Nate's numbers fit in with the rest of the team's stats each year to determine the answer to that question. His win/loss record is only one stat they will consider. They may decide he was a bigger winner with teams that ostensibly had less talent around him and draw a conclusion based on that. Maybe they will think his OC's play calling was holding him back or that the play calling got better over time.

    He will get drafted if someone thinks he hasn't peaked yet.
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    If you want to hit the way back machine, if Chuck Long doesn't get drafted by the disastrous Lions, his career would have been a lot better.
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    You got to give Brady credit for jumping on his chance when he got it. Brady was a 6th round draft choice backing up a pro bowl QB Drew Bledsoe who had already guided the Patriots to the Super Bowl once. Brady not only took over for Bledsoe when Bledsoe got hurt, he did well enough that Brady remained the starter when Bledsoe came back from injury, including Brady starting in the playoffs and the Super Bowl.

    How many 6th round draft choices have done well enough to beat out an . already established pro bowl QB as the starter? Then hold on to the starting job for almost 20 years!

    Come on, give Brady some credit :)
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    I'm not sure Iowa's offensive style, playbook, or more importantly the offensive strategy really suits quarterbacks improving their numbers in their second or third seasons. I mean, if you run an offense to limit turnovers and keep the game close until the 4th quarter there just isn't much of a chance to pad stats or put together a highlight reel.
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