DJ Harvey Chooses Vandy

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by RobHowe, May 7, 2019.

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    Heard this was likely going to be the case. It’s kind of funny some of these former NBA guys have really struggled at the college level, but they can still sell the pedigree I guess.
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    Weird. Normally when kids ignore the local media, that's where they end up going.
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    I mean, I guess if he never wants to play in the NCAA tournament and play in front of half full arenas then Vandy makes sense.
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    Shirley you can't be serious...
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    Vandy will have 2 former NBA player's kids on the roster next year in Kenyon Martin Jr and Scotty Pippen Jr. They were HS teammates as well... So go play with them and a HC that played in the NBA, has NBA G League HC experience, and NBA assistant coaching experience or play at Iowa with a former AAU teammate and a program that has hardly any NBA connections? When looking at it that way, it's really not that surprising.
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    Moss announcing he wasn't coming back about the same time DJ arrived in Iowa City was ill-fated timing. I know that Moss would have been gone by the time DJ would have been able to play anyway, but it just put another cloud over Fran and the program's head at the worst time.

    But this is Iowa basketball. We're using to being disappointed both on the court and in trying to recruit any top notch players to come play here.
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    I didn't think he would go to Iowa. Vanderbilt in 2018 recruiting class had two five star and a four star recruit. Why would two five star and a four star recruit go to Vanderbilt with their record?
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    That would depend on whether you're asking @HuckFinn or someone with some sense.
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    There is an ongoing FBI investigation as to why these things happen. Typically the Blue Bloods out bid the Vanderbilt's of the world, but I guess in 2018 they were high bidders.
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    Not shocking when it comes to stinking at recruiting Fran is the king dude can't recruit to save his life....his recruiting ability is about as good as his defensive coaching ability.....there i NONE!
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    I'm no Fran basher, but not being able to out-recruit Vanderbilt is pretty pitiful.
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    So true, Fran has shown he is a pretty terrible recruiter. What is sad is I don't see this kid being very good anyway, but this is who Fran wanted, but he couldn't convince him to come to Iowa over a pathetic Vandy program.
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    Come on man. You gotta know that a former NBA player has got to be a pretty big lure for some kids.
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    So a team that went 0-18 in the SEC gets a new coach who has never coached college basketball before, and we should just understand that he is gonna be hard to beat on the recruiting trail?

    Listen, if you can't outsell yourself over a lousy team, and a guy who has never coached college BB, that's not good. While I'm not a Fran fan, I don't just bash him willy nilly. This is not good that he can't beat Jerry at Vandy for a transfer.
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    You pretty much said all of what would have been my overarching point as well. Vandy is going nowhere fast in that league. Stackhouse or not. Nashville is awesome for living and going to school. Winters down here are a walk in the park compared to Iowa. Beyond that I dont understand the kids line of thinking..
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    Is Vanderbilt really that much worse of a basketball school than Iowa? They got a new coach who is a big name former NBA player. That is a pretty big deal to a young kid. Clearly a bigger deal than last year's record is. As far as Fran recruiting against Stackhouse, we have some kid sample size that's pretty darn small. I doubt you believe that Fran should win 100 out of 100 battles against any decent school so losing one out of one shouldn't be a surprise.

    In a few years, if Stackhouse tanks as a coach, kids might quit going there. But right now, all they have is hope and a big name coach. That's a big deal. Especially for a black kid who is drawn to a black coach.
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    Great move to work on that degree at Vanderbilt. Molding citizens, creating new, employed, contributors to society, teaching new generations to think critically.
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    Fran could fill his open staff spot with one but he instead will hire a video guy already on staff with no coaching experience