DJ Johnson in Transfer Portal

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, May 20, 2020.

  1. RobHowe

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  2. Hawkfnntn

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    Dang didn't see that coming. Figured he'd play quite a bit next yr.
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  3. #1DieHardHawk

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    Not a complete shock.

    You could kind of see it coming at DB. We've stockpiled a lot of talent there the last couple of years and not every single one can see the field consistently. He'll do well wherever he goes.
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  4. NikeHawk21

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    I kind of disagree. I think we are getting awfully thin in the secondary and I don’t think we’ve recruited particularly well there in recent cycles.

    We still have PP there so we will be alright but you don’t have a whole lot there in my opinion.
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  5. NikeHawk21

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    Here’s our CB room now.

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  6. RobHowe

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    DJ would likely be behind Hankins, Brents and Moss at CB and potentially Belton at Cash if Belton doesn't move to safety. Terry Roberts was used in dime packages last year. He was probably ticketed for special teams barring an injury and that's why he moved on. It would have been his third year on the team.
  7. kameltoez102

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    I get it but you are always just an injury away from getting some PT. Look how many guys we were down last year at the beginning of the year. Lots of things can happen pretty quickly. Too bad as he seemed like a good kid, hope he does well wherever he land
  8. RobHowe

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    The majority of guys don't want to wait around for an injury, particularly some that are highly recruited. In their minds, the clock is ticking and they want to get on the field.
  9. revkev73

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    You can't get drafted very easily cheering from the sidelines.
  10. Hawkfnntn

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    Yeah I knew he wasn't in line to start but with how he'd gotten his feet wet some I figured an injury here or there and he'd be next man in at a spot or 2. Inevitably that seems to happen but hoping for it sucks too if you're in his shoes. I guess I can't blame him. It is pretty crowded.
  11. NikeHawk21

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    I forgot about Roberts, that makes me feel a little better.

    Was it a foregone conclusion that he was behind Brents and Moss? DJ started a couple games last year when there were injuries. I also thought he’d be in pretty good position to make a run at the cash position becuase I do think Belton moves back to safety. There was plenty of opportunity for play time and he was only a sophomore.

    I’ve said it even before this but for whatever reason I don’t feel like the staff has been able to capitalize on our recent success at the CB position on the recruiting trail.
  12. GesterHawk

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    It is a shame to see him go, but I bear him no ill will. Go get some DJ!

    Now we probably have more than enough room for the Grad Transfer.
  13. NikeHawk21

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    I don’t know if I’m buying all that. He would have been in a 3 man competition for the second corner spot and potentially the leader in the clubhouse for the cash position if Belton moves back to Safety. He could have easily had a big role next year without any injuries.
  14. Hawkfnntn

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    True but there's a couple big ifs with that too. And his goals may to be starting not just playing a big role as a nickel/slot/cash guy. Hard to tell. He was on the team all last yr with those guys and same coaches. So he has a good idea where he is on the totem pole. I'm not saying I'd make the same decision he is. But I see why he is.
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  15. GoHawks24

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    Bummer. I was thinking he might be a big contributor this year. Wish him well wherever he ends up.
  16. RobHowe

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    It's hard to know for sure but he must not have felt he was well positioned to compete for playing time. Players usually have a good feel for where they stand. Not having spring ball certainly wiped out a chance to prove himself.

    Deasfernades also is being brought in as a CB. Bracy seems to want to play Cash, but also could play corner. The coaches like Harris and McKinney.

    I'm definitely bummed by DJ's departure. I really liked how he bounced back from adversity against ISU in tough conditions.
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  17. BGOLD

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    This one hurts. I thought DJ improved a lot after a rough start. I have no idea why Moss continued to play over him last year or why it sounds like he's ahead of Brents on the depth chart currently. Brents reminded me a lot of Josh Jackson as a freshman, hopefully he gets the nod this year opposite Hankins or he'll be the next to transfer.
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  18. SpiderRico

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    There's a few things that make me scratch my head regarding the DBs, but until Phil royally fucks something up, I'm going to assume he's got a handle on it.
  19. NikeHawk21

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    Well said. Stinks to lose him for sure.

    For the recruiting aspect I still think there is something there. I love what the staff has done recruiting overall, but CB is the one position I can’t really figure out. We know recruiting rankings aren’t the end all be all and PP has had success with lower rated guys, but nonetheless I do think rankings and offers mean at least something. After we lose Hankins next year look at our CB room.

    Brents (solid recruit)
    Moss (preferred walk on?)
    Roberts (low rated no P5 offers)
    Harris (late signee, low rated, no P5 offers)
    McKinney (low rated / Mac offers)
    Deasfernades (very under the radar/ no offers)
    Lawson (Minnesota offer)

    We are recruiting very well at nearly every other position, but still just going under the radar here. We’ve recently produced Thorpe winners and NFL guys but can’t seem to start getting higher level talent at this spot.
  20. RobHowe

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    Moss was originally a gray shirt that moved up to regular schollie out of HS when spot opened up.
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