Doug Gottlieb defending coach who threw a chair

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Casey388, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. Casey388

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    During the Dayton vs Providence game the Providence coach threw a chair down during a timeout and the refs t-ed him up. Doug Gottlieb was defending him stating that he was just trying to fire up his team and it had nothing to do with the refs. I understand these games mean more during most other games as this could be the end if your season but still. It was wrong the coach diverse what he got.

    Most media brings up the one time Fran did this a few years back. Just don't get it.
  2. hawkeyebob62

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    It's called "bias"...
  3. tweeterhawk

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    I don't know what the college rules are but it may have something to do with whether it happened on the floor (which this did) or in the coaching area on the sideline (which Fran's was). Also, whether the refs actually saw it.

    I agree with the T in this case and Fran probably should gotten one, too.
  4. SpecialKHawk

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    Let's be clear about this as I always see and hear people say 'threw chair'. No that was Bob Knight. In Fran's case he picked up a chair and slammed it down to get the attention of his team who was getting drilled. That is a big difference but gets labeled as a Knight incident who threw the chair across the floor in protest of the officials. But the Fran doubters, critics and haters love to hate so this was ammunition for them to turn it into something it was not.

    I have seen Izzo grab players by the neck, grab refs and do other things that are 10x worse with no consequences or criticism.
  5. 1hawkeye1

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    Didn't see it. Can't comment.
  6. hawkeyeguy85

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    Some people really need a refresher on the definition of "threw."

    An accurate depiction of the events would be that the Providence coach "knocked over a chair.
  7. SpecialKHawk

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    He got T'd for that? Wow! Never happens if that was coach K, Izzo, etc. We have become a soft nation.
  8. Knight78

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    Also, when Knight threw the chair the Purdue player was about to shoot a technical free throw (that Knight had already drawn due to what he thought were bad calls). Luckily, the chair missed the player as it could have injured him. The chair eventually was stopped by one of the cheerleaders across the floor from the Indiana bench.

    So while Fran slammed the chair into the floor, Knight tossed the chair across the floor. No comparison at all.
  9. Knight78

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    Wow. He got a T for that? The refs were really looking for something weren't they? That's pretty weak sauce.
  10. 99topdawg

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    This wasn't the guy that T'd him up, but he was working the game. Everyone will (or should) recognize him. I cringe when I see him. He also did the game at Wisconsin when Fran got tossed.