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    Quite amusing and very accurate...I feel bad for Bo Pelini being thrown in there but his Ducked up on Quack brother Carl was absolutely one of the worst HC in CFB history!
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    That website probably belongs on a list of its own. Tons of popups on mobile.
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    RE: Dan Hawkins. That's what happens when you take a job on a snowflake campus

    Charlie Weiss [​IMG]

    Why do I get the feeling that this article is from about 10 years ago...?
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    I counted at least four guys on that list that beat Iowa during their stints. Chizik probably the hardest to believe in retrospect, his staff was a disorganized mess on the sidelines at Iowa State. Pellini could coach and get players to buy in and play hard for him, it was the expectations and off the field stuff that got him fired in the end. A quick internet search to refresh my memory shows that the Hawks needed a miraculous goal line stand to beat a Gerg Robinsons coached Syracuse team when Drew Tate was injured a long time ago.
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    Pelini could coach and he actually built a team that could be competitive in the B1G. Frost will find out that a spread offense will simply not work that well in late October and November against a lot of Big Ten opponents. Nebraska will get better, but their ceiling is probably right where Pelini had them and then they'll have their day in the sun once or twice a decade.
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    I'm surprised they didn't put DJ Durkin on the list or Brian Kelly because they were responsible (directly or indirectly) for the deaths of one of their own players.
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    Brian Kelly did not have a player die, it was some random Notre Dame student who was filming practice.
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    I can't stand that click bait crap. Just give me a list on one page with the same commentary for crying out loud.

    I made it to Charlie Weis and gave up.
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    Ah, well, regardless still a bad coaching decision to have him up there!
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    How can you put J.B. "Ears" Whitworth on the list and not have a pic?

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    Why would you feel bad for him? I agree he doesn't belong on there, but I ain't gonna feel bad for him. Also, I hate those damn clickbait "articles".
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    Truly remarkable. He may have been clueless, but I bet he had no trouble finding his way around in the dark.
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    Don't link garbage articles from garbage websites.
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    I think the camera guy was on a high lift and the wind blew it over and he died from the high fall.
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    Yeah he's right it wasn't a player, it was a student who worked for the football team
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    I enjoyed watching his face during a loss especially to us. My point more was how the hell is he on there when his brother Carl was an absolute disaster.
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    Kirk only managed to beat him one time. But yeah, I guess it was enjoyable to watch him get rattled whenever he did.
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    I had to drive through Lincoln NE and places around Nebrasks during the Pellini years and could tune into that one sports talk radio station that always talks about the Huskers all day. It was funny stuff.