Elite WR talent in our backyard

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by CP87, Apr 15, 2019.

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    Exciting stuff.
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    To put Andregg's performance into perspective, Oliver Martin posted a 133.02 before his senior season. Martin was the WR MVP at the Chicago regional that year.

    Iowa has been recruiting Andregg for a few years. He's visited multiple times including for recent junior day. He transferred from Cedar Rapids Prairie after last season.

    OK. Here's where people start asking why Iowa hasn't offered Jace.
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    Good grief, Rob! Why in the world has Iowa not offered this guy? He looks like a future all American, he is obviously very talented, and those recruiting guys have never really known what they were doing. I guess this a typical example of not good recruiting technique. I want answers. Now.
  5. RobHowe

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    Andregg has offers from South Dakota State and UNI.

    I think he's going to blow up during summer camp season, once he gets a chance to show his route running and receiving skills. He wasn't able to do that in a run-heavy Prairie offense. Solon throws it.
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    Does Iowa speed up its usual, uber-thorough pre-offer-evaluation on this one to avoid a repeat of the Oliver Martin scenario? An ultra-athletic, 6' 3", 200 lb player in their backyard seems like a "can't miss".

    Does he stand out in other sports?
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    I read he’s visiting Iowa again this coming Saturday, so maybe the offer comes then? It will be interesting to see how the staff plays it.

    I’m sure this kid will want to see what happens with his recruitment after that performance though.

    David Baker is still priority #1 to me at the WR spot but I think bringing in this kid would make sense, as he clearly has a great size and athleticism. Just needs to prove he can run routes and catch the ball.
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    I assume you know I was kidding??
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    I was just adding information I had on the kid. :)
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    Andregg also sustained a season-ending injury pretty early on in '18. I think he only played in four games. That slowed his recruitment.
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    I only have anecdotal evidence to support this, but he's a pretty big Iowa fan, isn't he? Bigger than Oliver Martin was.
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    Let's just hope he's not a swimmer. ;)
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    Very impressive score for a kid that has not even been rated yet by 247 or Rivals. I like our chances with the Solon pipeline to Kinnick.
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    Keep in mind that this kid has played in a total of about 8 HS varsity football games and doesn't really have any other P5 offers at this time. He's had good combine scores the last two summers now but that's about all coaches have to go on for him. Iowa is quite familiar with him and is on good terms. I am certain they will eventually offer and if they do, am confident he would accept.
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    Iowa's not about making flyer picks on in-state kids. That said, this would no longer qualify as a flyer in my book. With his size and athleticism, you take him as an athlete. Even if you find out later that he can't catch, he could morph into a linebacker or safety. There's nothing a few more camps or high school football games are going to tell you that would make you decide to go elsewhere with the scholarship.
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    Seems like a disturbing trend of offering too late to local kids.
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    Martin had a 133 score- he is so elite sitting on Michigan's bench. Scores are great but not the be all end all.
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  18. WinOneThisCentury

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    What are you people complaining about that we haven't offered him yet. My take is that it's strategic. The minute Iowa offers him...along comes Minnesota, Iowa State, Nebraska, Illinois, etc, etc., etc.

    With those numbers, if he can play, he's getting P5 offers. Iowa is doing the slow roll, but you don't know what the conversations are...the fact that he has been to Iowa several times...well...that should tell you something.
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    He was only a freshman last year so maybe he needs more time. Or he messed up and went to Michigan instead of coming to Iowa where the receiving corps is thinner and he could have had more opportunity to play. One of the two.
  20. GesterHawk

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    Name 3 players this happened to. Three is a trend.