Elite WR talent in our backyard

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by CP87, Apr 15, 2019.

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    A couple of notable differences. Martin was super productive throughout HS, whereas with Andregg we are still going on potential (due to his HS team's system and his injuries).

    Also, my sense is that Martin had a lot of opportunities available to him in HS (private speed training, private skill training, etc.) that many players don't have. Because of that, he was probably more of a finished product when he hit the camp circuit, ready to excel. I really don't know anything about Andregg and if he has had the same opportunities.
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    Iowa sits very well with a few WR that they offered awhile ago. I think we will see a couple of them commit before the end of June. I could see Baker (offers from: Purdue, Michigan and Washington St.) committing soon. We are also sitting well with Mack, Dennis, Vines, and Matthews.
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    This is a good way to put it. Martin really stood out in camp as a "finished product" when it came to the agility drills and running routes. However, now we have to wonder if he peaked early.
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    It was a hand injury. Cost him a majority of the season.

    As others have noted, he hasn't done a ton on the varsity level as of yet. He was moved up from the Soph team about midway thru the season his sophomore year and looked like he belonged but didn't get a ton of touches. I believe he was a RB up until that point, then they moved with to WR. Last year, he started off somewhat quiet (they had a pretty good RB in Keegan Simmons who was the main offensive focus) and then Jace got hurt and missed the rest of the season. In my mind, he's not nearly as dynamic as Keenan Simmons was the last two years for Prairie or as Jalen Rima (WR at UNI) was for them before that. He's not a make or break type recruit but I think is certainly good enough to play at the D1 level. I could see him being a Colin Sandeman type player (if he's your best receiver, probably not a good thing but he'd make a very good complimentary 3rd or 4th guy in the WR room).
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    Is it WR or nothing with him?

    Rob reports he is a thicker kid ... what about TE? He’s already as fast as Hock...?

    If he doesn’t have the hands, what about Safety or Cash or LB? Can he tackle? Can he block?

    Staff may be waiting on answers to those same questions. They are usually pretty good at moving kids to a position they will be able to excel at in the college game, as long as they have that competitive internal drive to do so.

    Maybe they aren’t sure about that question, yet, either.

    Camp should be over with, so I am hoping to hear about how Jace fared, along with some other names.
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    He's Colin Sandeman huh? You base this on what exactly?
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    No, he's Jace Andregg. But if he ended up going to Iowa had a similar career as Colin I would be very happy for him and the Hawks.
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    Well I wouldn't be. You do know this kid posted the same composite score as Percy Harvin right? His ceiling is superstar with hopefully a Colin Sandeman floor.

    You still haven't answered what you base your prediction on.
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    KF doesn't like 'athletes'
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    The narrative is that Kirk doesn't like people of color with large personalities.
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    A-level comprehension skills.
    potential soft parallel ≠ clone of player or path
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    Just don't drink any koolaid when your in Ames. Hale-Bopp is flying by that night.
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    If IOWA offered Deasfernandes... they should sure as hell offer Andregg
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    I was about to ask the same thing.

    The coaches had seen both in a couple camps this summer. One got an offer, the other has not yet. I trust our coaches when they offer camp kids. Usually work out one way or another.
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    What position, if you had to speculate (WR or LB)?
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    I believe he's going to UNI as a receiver but don't know for sure.