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    Hello, my name is . . . Eric Simmons | TheGazette

    From article:

    Scouting snippet

    Again, nothing out there. As a junior college freshman, Simmons’ name wasn’t really out there. If he would’ve stayed another season at IWCC, he would’ve been on the recruiting radar and probably would’ve gotten a half dozen or so offers.

    What Iowa coaches said

    Head coach Kirk Ferentz [Iowa losing Riley Reiff early probably made the Iowa staff move on Simmons]: Last time we all visited, I thought it was a 50-50 shot on Riley. I really thought there was more than, you know, probably an even chance that he was going to stay in college so we weren’t sure where that was going to go and what was going to happen. He made a decision, and I don’t think he could have made a bad one, quite frankly. He was in good shape either way.

    So, he made a decision, and it just so happens that Eric Simmons was a guy we knew a little about from a year ago. He was an excellent student, a presidential scholar out of Madrid, and went to Western. Talk about connections, he and Austin Blythe knew each other a little bit through their high school days. So, we talked to Eric about coming in and starting school in January. He was excited about that opportunity. From all reports right now, he’s off to a really good start. We’re two weeks into this thing right now, so we’re just really happy to get him. It’s nice to have that option [Iowa Western] available to us.

    Recruiting coordinator Eric Johnson: We were impressed with his film. [D-line coach] Reese [Morgan] knew a lot about him coming out of high school. Went to junior college because he didn’t get a lot of looks coming out of high school. Again, all his intangibles, wrestling and all that stuff, those excited us. And he made a lot of progress at Iowa Western. They have an excellent offensive line coach [Donnie Woods] and a good program. Reese felt so comfortable with him as a person and a player, there was too much there to pass up. [Where will he play?] I think we’re going to start him inside, but we move all those guys around until we find the right combination.