External Report Looking into Racial Bias in Iowa Football Released

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Jul 30, 2020.

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    Read the document from Kansas City law firm hired by university to look into claims:

  2. Fryowa

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    Nothing more than a summary of players' Twitter comments, and press conference recaps.

    The U paid a favorable law firm hundreds of thousands of dollars to write a report that did nothing more than organize tweets and say "We recommend that the University of Iowa football staff do a better job." Now where's that check?

    I mean these people can't be serious. There is quite literally nothing in there other than Brian's scouting denial that wasn't already in the media and on Twitter.

    @RobHowe , your summary article that you put together was way more comprehensive and it actually included names of coaches. I hope you're planning to sue that law firm for plagiarism.
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    Exactly how I took it all too... For a program (like all the rest of them) that have lost millions of dollars lately to spend any at all on something like that is as big a waste as anything could be..
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    Lol, you were expecting a smoking gun and didn’t get it. And why does this surprise you? Everything was made public, it was investigated and summarized. This was always what the report was going to look like once everything became public, unless you were expecting a smoking gun, which you obviously were.
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    Apparently there are 4 separate reports on specific personnel that will not be made public. I'm sure one of them dealt with Brian Ferentz.

    You are reading the report for "public consumption."

    I think all of the effort expended these past many months has caused a considerable amount of change in the Iowa football program. I think the program will be a better place for all players, regardless of race. That is a huge step in the right direction. It is a shame that it took so many years for this to happen, but it is happening now. Rob Howe should be commended for his reporting of this issue. I thought it was balanced and comprehensive.

    I'm not sure what else anyone could have hoped for at this juncture.
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    If I were a reporter that's who my first question would be about at this point... I mean when the rubber meets the road with what all has been accused and said he is where this all lands now right? With Doyle gone and KF in the clear (for all intents and purposes anyway) BF is who is still there and who many had issues with...
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    I was 100% not expecting a smoking gun. I was expecting a softball summary of player tweets and press conference recaps that had already been in the media and that's exactly what we got. One could easily go through that report and identify players and coaches because it's simply a regurgitation of previous statements, other than Brian's denial of influencing recruiting (what did you think he was going to say, "Yeah I kiboshed a few kid's NFL chances?").

    That thing is 26 pages of re-posting social media statements followed by a tiny little paragraph at the end saying, "We recommend that the football staff do a better job and they said they're sorry the end can we have our check now please...."

    Hilarious. Those lawyers wrote that report up on their lunch break and laughed all the way to the bank. 111 interviews and they couldn't come up with a single thing that hadn't already been in a newspaper or social media post?
  8. Fryowa

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    Even if that's true, what's the point of the other ones? If it's not for "public consumption" there's no accountability. You're merely trusting the staff to take action, and we know how good they are at that...

    You really think any detailed report about BF is going to result in action being taken against him if needed? No fucking way. He's untouchable like dad.
  9. Fryowa

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    I realize that this report was strictly about racial bias, but Wallace needs to go too. If a prof called someone Simple Jack and divulged his GPA in front of students, he or she would get walked out of the building that same day.
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    Do you have a source for this? I'm not saying you're wrong at all, honest question.
  11. okeefe4prez

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    See Report, Page 1, emphasis mine:

    "Specific allegations of mistreatment made against current and former employees have been summarized and provided to the University in four separate personnel reports from Husch Blackwell so that they may be addressed, as appropriate, pursuant to the institution’s personnel policies and procedures."
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    I hope Rob FOIA requests the bill. I want to see that shit.
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  13. Fryowa

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    Thank you.
  14. Fryowa

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    @RobHowe , can the other 3 reports be FOIA'ed? even if names were redacted it'd be pretty interesting. I suppose they'd just claim an exemption anyway.
  15. BGOLD

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    It’s not as though they didn’t do their jobs, it’s just that it had already became public. If someone comes along and writes a book about WW2 I’m not going to discredit them because there’s nothing in the book I didn’t already consume previously. This is the 3rd party view we haven’t gotten in summation.
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    I found the president's quote very confusing like he was taking a PC approach to putting the matter to bed, or that there were things in the other reports that hadn't gone public regarding the individual coaches that could involve future repercussions. I'd be interested to read each of those but have a feeling like the report made public, that it is just an itemized summary of allegations/accounts brought up about each coach individually with no additional findings or anything of substance.

    I also found it interesting that their recommendation was that the "University work with Athletic Director Barta and Head Coach Ferentz to create action steps aimed at improving the culture of the program, eliminating biases, encouraging student-athletes to report concerns of mistreatment, and amplifying the University’s policy statement against retaliation within the football program." like it was the university and not the football program prompting the investigation. Although I do feel that they failed to thank the university for the fat paycheck while laughing all the way to the bank after such a thorough public report.
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    Just my two cents but the "3rd party view" should have been more than a summary and included information that the 3rd party uncovered during their investigation into the matter, not simply rehashing what was already out there. I'd guess that in your example about the WW2 book the author would attempt to uncover and release additional information that wasn't all made public prior to the hiring of the firm to investigate. It just came across to me as nothing more than a summary of what was already known and there was little actual investigating.
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    I read that one of two ways.

    One is, "We're gonna fire some people and make staff changes but we haven't had the time to process it yet," the otheris, "Farta and the Ol' Cap'n are back in business to do as they see fit.

    I'll give you guys three guesses as to which one happens and the first two don't count.
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    OMG. Kirk Ferentz is gonna get fired. He needs to go. Brian Ferentz gone. Wallace gone. Everyone needs to go.

    Wait...that was just Chicken Little talking. Nevermind.

    Listen...the program needs change...but KF deserves the right to change it. He needs to be accountable to the low grad numbers for black players and for the culture. It needs to be an inclusive environment. The positive feedback around recent changes does appear to show things are headed in the right direction. I'll be really surprised if Wallace isn't let go. The Kallenberger stuff is beyond anything I've heard. It should be unacceptable.
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