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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by 4thngoal, Feb 28, 2019.

  1. 4thngoal

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    Fire Fran: temper
    Fire BF: temper
    Fire all the coaches because they are mean.
    Fire Barta :not winning enough, law suits, contracts
    Fire the contractors: bathrooms
    Fire Delaney: Rutgers, Nebraska, Maryland
    Fire NCAA: no consistency
    Fire KF: well gum chewing, we don't need that kind of addiction.
    Fire the professors: because well... boring.

    The question is not who should be fired or repremanded, the question is who shouldn't???
  2. hawkdrummer1

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    Kidding aside. I'd be thrilled if we kept all the coaches...and fired the AD. Let a new guy/gal come in who's a pro and knows what the hell they're doing. They'll sort out everything and everybody else.
  3. 99topdawg

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    Fire Herky: too mean looking
    Keep Sherm: bow tie
    Fire Bluder: no more WBB threads in basketball forum
    Fire Heller: Not getting us any points toward CyHawk thing
    Keep Phil Parker: Don't want him to go somewhere else and beat us
    Fire QB coach: Nate McCann hasn't developed
    Fire DL coach: Too many studs = not enough playing time for all of them
    Fire 99topdawg: Too handsome, smart and funny for this board
    Keep 99topdawg: All boards need an resident liar
    Keep Barta: Makes me feel good about my own job performance
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  4. tksirius

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  5. homes

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    I think I know of someone who would be willing to do this.
  6. InGoodCo

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    If there's one thing people love to do - it's fire people in lines of work they have no conceptual idea about and that's probably only 2nd to spending other people's money that they don't even have a fraction of. Ever heard of the word "Blow Hard"?
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  7. tksirius

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    You and dean will like this. If there's one thing that's come out of this situation(s), it's that I have more respect for Kirk now.
  8. InGoodCo

    InGoodCo Well-Known Member

    you're right I do like that.
  9. N8theGr8

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    I honestly think it wouldn't be a bad move to promote Ferentz to AD. He's always been levelheaded, is an excellent contract negotiator, has run one of the tightest ships for 20 years, and is already well positioned with donors. Alvarez has proven the path can be a good one. Phil Parker to head coach then abdicate responsibility for contract negotiations with Brian.
  10. Robowe

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