Former ISU bball star dead at 23

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Casey388, May 28, 2016.

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  2. mopkins

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    Such a weird story. He thought it was his girlfriends apartment yet he kicked down the door to get inside?
  3. SpecialKHawk

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    Do not wish to see anyone meet an untimely death but from the outside it sure looked like this young man lived a very troubled and undisciplined life. Not terribly shocking that he met a fate like this given his actions and attitudes. It's too bad that Fred/ISU rented him instead of really bringing this young man in to teach him a better way. Winning was more important.
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    Bryce, we hardly knew ye. Well, actually, we didn't since The Mayor suspended you for the Iowa game in 2014 after you were arrested for a pot charge and noise violations.

    Special K has it right. Hoiberg and the punk AD needed to do a better job of teaching BDJ a better way. But I'm not sure what more could have been done for a player who was at his third school in five years.
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    And I just heard on the sports telecast that he had signed a 3 year deal with New Orleans of the NBA or at least their organization. WTF, if that is true what the hell was worth breaking into an apartment to steal? crazy
  6. trj

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    The list of former cyclone athletes who have died in their 20's and 30's the last 10 to 15 years has to be reaching double digits. You add that to guys like Pete Taylor and Barry Stevens it is a morbid stretch they are having up there in Ames.
  7. BigD

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    Steal? I didn't get that from the article. Sounds like they believe he thought he was at his girl friend's place and wanted in.

    Having said that, what right did he think he had to knock in the front door and also the bedroom door? Maybe his girlfriend will have something to say that will give some insight on the matter.
  8. SpecialKHawk

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    Did he learn this as a part of his graduate study program at ISU?
  9. mopkins

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    It sounds like it was maybe an ex-girlfriend and also possibly the mother of his child? So had he broken into the RIGHT apartment would he have committed some sort of domestic violence? hard to say.
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    Solid citizen
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    Being a former SuckClown athlete is more hazardous to one's health than downing a case of Natty Light per diem.
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    The thread on CyFan about this is predictably ridiculous. Some are questioning the decision the guy made to shoot him. The guy freakin kicked down the front door. Kicked down or was trying to kick down the bedroom door. Whether he was in the wrong apartment or not he clearly didn't have good intentions. Yet... Since Cyclone fans are always morons lets question why the guy shot him! Let's second guess whether or not he actually tried to yell out and warn him before firing!

  13. Hawk5656

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    A 23 year old man died and you're on CF mocking them? What's wrong with you?
  14. Hawk5656

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    Sounds like a troubled young man. Push the rivalry aside when a death like this occurs. Condolences to his family
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    Oh please don't be so dramatic and try to use some reading comprehension skills.

    I don't even have an account over on CyFan. I haven't said a word on there, and I'm certainly not mocking his death. I am mocking the fools who are suggesting the guy who was sleeping soundly in his bedroom when BDJ broke into his house is somehow in the wrong here. What happened is tragic and it's awful a young man lost his life. However, it's not that guys fault BDJ decided to break into his house and put him in a position to defend himself.
  16. mrolympia

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    seriously, the guy was a thug. it was only a matter of time. Quit making him out to be a saint.
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  17. Hawk5656

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    You can still be sympathetic instead of finding ways to bring up the rivalry. From what I remember both fan bases were sympathetic when Tyler passed away. Just not the time or the place
  18. DP5555

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    Sympathetic? Again, not once did I say anything bad about BDJ. Clearly he had issues, but I never said anything bad about him. I was just laughing at the responses some Cyclone fans are having to the situation. Instead of taking the obvious route and acknowledging that he made a horrible decision that got himself killed they are questioning whether or not the guy should have shot him.

    You're making a big deal about something that's not a big deal. What happened to BDJ is tragic. What happened to Tyler Sash is also. However, I would never mention those two in the same conversation again. Tyler had brain injuries and substance abuse problems. BDJ routinely made horrible decisions throughout his life. There was a pattern and that pattern proves he was a thug. Please don't drag Tyler's death into that same conversation. Tyler made bad decisions that hurt himself. He didn't make bad decisions that impacted other people like Bryce continually did.
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  19. Hawk5656

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    Tyler's substance abuse problems didn't hurt those around him? Obviously you've never had someone close to you that had those issues. Good job on the thug word though, I assume that's what you called our own Roy Marble when he passed away?
  20. Hawk5656

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    I do agree though the person who shot him had every right to do so
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