Former Players Encouraged By Changes So Far

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Jul 31, 2020.

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    It's really what's most important, IMO. As I've written, they will be the best judges of if the required change is happening.

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    Do as you've been doing and continue to ignore the idiots that are trying to blame you. You are doing the right thing.
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    @RobHowe I was told by other posters you only write negative articles. This one seems positive. I don't know what to do. Please help.
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    DUDE! This is not what is on your agenda! What are you doing? This cannot be the same guy that a poster has been trashing. Maybe he had the power to change you. THAT GUY ROCKZ!
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    So what's next? What are the next steps? Do Barta and Ferentz meet, set goals? Timetable? Will there be discussions of changing anyone's position within the program (cough, Brian Ferentz, cough) or anyone else? Do Bruce Harreld or the Board of Regents attempt to inject themselves in this? Will there be public announcements or reports of changes being made, structural or personnel modifications?

    How will the current and former players know what is happening, how will they be able to judge?

    Not trying to be a wiseguy. Just wondering how things more forward from here.
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    Remains to be seen, Coach.
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    To KF. Coach, the arguably best team ever at Iowa had a dual threat black QB. Will we ever see that again? Would you play a clearly better black QB that is junior in age to a starter that is white?

    Will you start a clearly better black rb over another black rb, the latter of which fits into white Iowa culture better?

    Will you publically stand up for a black player who clearly wrongly has a gun pointed at him by the IC police?
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    It's a cruel world. The recent events of 2020 have brought it out. What is shocking is the lack of shame about it.

    Washed up just lost all credibility. It's not just here or sports. It's in churches and old ladies. We are in serious trouble.
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    Care to let us know which running backs you're talking about, because I have no idea.

    Just for kicks I looked up Kyle McCanns and Brad Banks passing stats for the 2001 season. Both saw enough meaningful snaps with the first team for a fair comparison. The numbers surprised me a bit. The QBR numbers were about the same, but one QB had a rather significantly higher completion %. hint (it wasn't Banks).
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    One qb act for about 2/3 of the scoring on 1/3 the snaps.

    Wadley btw.
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    Brad Banks did not account for anywhere near 2/3 of Iowa's scoring in 2001.I'm done discussing anything with people who make shit up to support their argument. See ya.
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    I said it wrong. Statistically, Banks led Iowa to scores on about 2/3s of his possessions. McCann about 1/3. It was noticeable. The key was in effective running.
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    Wait and see mode. Can KF change the culture and still win football games? Continue to put kids in the NFL? All of this goes hand in hand. Some days I think he can do it, other days I think he can't......depends on when you ask me.:)
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    Rob, it seems you were just reporting news and quotes from current and former players. As the reports came out and the thread grew there was a lot of emotions and getting on one side or the other of the news. As a really die hard hawk fan like many here I hated to see this happen and hated that this was going on. There are differences of some accounts but there definitely seemed to be some failings and lack of taking action.

    But as a big hawk fan I think your reporting was, should I say, fair and balanced.
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    I read an article from the CR Gazette on Facebook a few minutes ago and found a very important point that I do not think has made it into this forum. The four coaches who were referenced as subjects of a personnel report, which is protected by law, has been addressed. But it was not stated that these reports would become a part of the individuals personnel file. Do you recognize how serious that is? If one of our coaches applies for another job, this file will be a part of his application. Could be a career killer?
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    Thank you. I'm not perfect. I should have cleared running the DJK statement with the HN owners and presented it in a different format. I was trying my best to share all player stories without judgement. And we were one of the few outlets not to run the Wadley story. I Tweeted it, but did not run it as a story in the site.

    The bottom line is these former players speaking out in mass forced necessary change that we've seen invested twice and displayed in two in-depth reports. If you care about players and Iowa football being the best it can be, you're applaud them for their courage to call out something they love.
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