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  1. Tierney

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    He is going to visit Iowa on Oct 11-13. Hopefully, he will commit to Iowa then. Iowa will be his last official visit if he doesn't commit somewhere else before then.
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  3. JG10Hawk

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    Looks like he'll get to see ISU vs UNI and Iowa vs Penn State. No mention of Baylor but the article says they are working on finding a time that works for an in home visit.
  4. InGoodCo

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    Not trying to look into it too much and these are just my gut feelings that have no basis and I am positive I will be told that it could mean the EXACT opposite but.... I feel like it bodes well that Iowa is last. I realize, he could visit ISU and just commit, but he's basically said he is in no hurry. I think if I was a student athlete with a list of schools, I would make the one that I am leaning towards or thinking the most about before the visitation process and then go to that school last.
  5. RobHowe

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    He visited Baylor this summer.
  6. PCHawk

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    I would pick it last too. It would let me commit on my visit. Of course it could also just be that those dates just happened to work out and it's random that iowa is last. If he made it like that on purpose, I think it's a good sign.
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    Playing amateur psychologist, I would think either the school I visited first or last would be my favorite. Unless that's just how they randomly worked out in my schedule and the schools' schedules in which case who knows.
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    When I read the article, I completely missed where it mentioned he officially visited them in June. I was thinking that wasn't an official visit but I guess it was.

    Summer seems like an odd time to take an official. ie players might be gone and one can't attend any games. Is it rare or do a lot of kids do that?
  9. RobHowe

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    The new rules have changed things. A lot of offers are going out now in the summer so that might lead to more officials at that time. It's also up to the individual kid and his schedule.
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    As long as the "Mayor" does not do a PJ Fleck on him I like the fact he is going to IC last. I don't think Hoiberg is the type of guy to pressure a kid to sign before he is ready but there is a lot at stake in recruiting battles. It also sound like that type of high pressure approach might be counterproductive with Foster and his family.
  11. tmess1989

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    Hoiberg is at Nebraska.

    Foster seems like the type that will weigh all his options. I do like Iowa being the last visit and being the weekend of the Penn State game will make for a great atmosphere for him to visit in.
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    My bad ... brain fart. I thought I read somewhere (probably a Nebby board) that they were in the running now also but not the case. That might happen with the 4 star kid (Murrell) out of Omaha who still does not have a Nebraska offer for some reason.
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    ?? Rivals and 247 both list Nebraska as one of his offers.
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    JFC, dude, wake up and get it together.
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    I'm more worried about Earle Bruce going after our football recruits.
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  17. Tierney

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    I see where the crystal ball has Iowa back to 100%. It could be a good sign.
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  18. Ian Pike Hammer

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    So, say we do land Foster. Who loses minutes, pulls up the pine? What would the starting line-up look like:? Is Garza benched?
  19. PCHawk

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    I think if Foster is good enough to start as a freshman, he would start at the 4 over Nunge or whoever. Senior Nunge and sophomore Foster could be really good.
  20. ArvadaHawk

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    if you play garza 30 mins, nunge 25 mins that leaves 25 mins to back up both. absolutely not a problem, minutes-wise. foster is 7'0" so he'll be expected to play the 5 but has range to play the 4. again, not a problem imo.