Four-Star In-State Standout T.J. Bollers Getting Down to Nitty Gritty


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How many games has he attended? How many times has he heard their pitch?

I agree that if they think he is an absolute must-get, you plug your nose and play the game. But they must either be getting signals that he is not sincere in his interest, or they think they have options that are equally as good but are more likely gets. It seems like they have earned the benefit of the doubt in their recruiting decision-making.

there is more to the story and there had to have been a red flag or some sort of indication that bollers wasn’t a good fit. I guarantee Kirk and Brian don’t just move on for no good reason. I doubt Kirk appreciates playing footsie with a recruit only to be used as a stepping stone. Good for him, send him to Alabama and see how long or even if he cracks the 2 deeps. Look at Oliver Martin and Michigan, similar recruiting profile.


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Here is a DMR article from 10 months ago in which he discusses his goal to be a national recruit:

This has been the plan all along. Frankly, it is a great plan. KF and his staff are great at developing young men, but they don't have the corner on that market. There are many other staffs that do the same. And forcing yourself out of your comfort zone by not attending school 6 miles from your home has some benefits. As his dad says in the article, having as many options as possible has always been the plan. He has some good ones now.

As far as how they are going about things, as I said, it is exactly according to the playbook:

While some fans feel a local star is obligated to go to Iowa, I don't think most feel that way. Most have perspective and will be happy for the young man regardless (even if disappointed about what it means for their favorite team). What has mosly gotten people riled up (not so much here, but some on twitter) is the comments from Bollers that he is very interested in Iowa but that the program has inexplicably backed off. Some feel this is disingenous, that both parties seem to be in agreement that this is not the best fit, and that it is time to move on.


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Pat Harty Tyler Devine said Bollers called out Iowa coaches for ignoring him and not coming to his basketball games when they said they would. Mentioned other coaches showed up.

If that's the case and he did say that, I'd think Iowa would walk away. Eno Benjamin was a totally different situation, but I don't see Ferentz getting cozy with a kid who will air dirty laundry in public. Probably weren't going to land him anyway, who knows.

From the article:

I think they would if they thought he was an important enough target, and they thought they had a legit shot at getting him.

They bend their usual recruiting rules when needed. They let a committed Jestin Jacobs visit OSU. Years back, Noah Fant's brother made comments in the media about how just because Noah Fant was committed to Iowa, that didn't mean that Iowa could stop recruiting him. Iowa didn't cut him loose, they gave him more attention.

But for whatever reason Iowa doesn't seem to think this one is worth it. Either they think it just isn't going to pay off for them, or the fit is not perfect.


Years back, Noah Fant's brother made comments in the media about how just because Noah Fant was committed to Iowa, that didn't mean that Iowa could stop recruiting him. Iowa didn't cut him loose, they gave him more attention.
I do think it makes a difference that Noah wasn’t the one doing the barking.

Willie Jr was and is a known head case and I’m sure the Iowa staff knew it going in. The last spring game I went to I sat behind the family and met his mom, dad, sister, and his older brother (I believe it’s the one who coaches in Omaha). Absolutely great people, super humble and they seemed to really like the Iowa program, as much as Husker fans can.

The mouthpiece brother who got all the bad press wasn’t there and from what I’ve heard is kind of the loser black sheep of the family. I guarantee you if Noah has said what his shitbird brother did, recruitment would have been over.


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He gone imho, which is sad to lose that big of a recruit that close to home that has family ties, but it is what it is, he never really sounded like he wanted to go to Iowa and if that is true that is his loss.


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Good choice for him, being a LB for Wisconsin would be pretty fun. Hopefully he does great, except when he plays Iowa.


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Fit is everything and it sounds like that is a great fit for him style wise with how Leanord likes to play. Good for him. Now let's go beat em