Fox B1G conference odds

Discussion in 'Football' started by Zstatman, May 19, 2020.

  1. Zstatman

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    Nebraska is still getting way to much respect.
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    It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the media can forget last season's performance. Nebby sucks.
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  4. guffus

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    I don't understand these numbers. I get that a smaller number is better.
    But what does -225 mean?
    What does +2000 mean?
  5. M1911A1Hawkeye

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    Those numbers are used in placing bets to determine what the payout will be.

    tOSU is favorite to win at -225 place $100 bet and they win, payout is $144.40.

    Iowa is the underdog at +2000 place same $100 bet. Hawks win, payout is $2,100

    $100 bet on Maryland at +10000 would be a $10,100 payout.
  6. SpiderRico

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    The easier way to understand when the odds are negative is "How much do I have to wager to win $100?" In this case, you would have to wager $225 to win $100.

    When it's positive, it's "How much will I win with a $100 bet?" So in the case of Iowa, a $100 bet would win you $2,000.
  7. okeefe4prez

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    Their coach is Scott Frost. I don't know if you've heard of him. The guy is an offensive guru. They are loaded all over the field. Their chances of winning the conference are just as good as Iowa's or Michigan's, which is to say, with a few injuries on other teams and a fair number of bounces it is possible, but not very likely. I think Purdue has the best chance out of programs other than PSU or OSU to win it. Their crossover games are Michigan, Indiana and Rutgers. There is routinely some dark horse Cinderella team in the conference and this could be their year. Iowa could be the darkhorse, too, but I just don't trust the QB situation without spring ball.
  8. WinOneThisCentury

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    You are stoned. Nebraska has an easy can make that argument. I'm hoping you are being sarcastic. Frost can't beat Kirk Ferentz in a close game. That should tell you something.

    Now...the other thing with Nebraska is that they graduated a ton on their defensive line and they weren't exactly the steel curtain. They aren't just reloading there and if you can't stop the run in the's usually a very long, long season. I just don't get the Nebraska love. They have 9 wins in two seasons. Martinez has proven to be average. Make him a pocket passer...keep your lanes...and he's not going to consistently beat you. If he learns to stay in the pocket and throw...maybe they have an 8 win season...but I wouldn't think they are going to come into Kinnick and win. ...6 in a row seems like a lock to me now.
  9. SpiderRico

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    With KOK coaching QBs and Iowa's track record for 1st year QBs in the KF/KOK system, I think we're golden! :)
  10. TJHawkeye

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    Frost has been around long enough to show his colors. Not the messiah.
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    I just don't see how Nebraska will be much improved with no post season practice last year and no spring practice.

    Also there schedule is not friendly. They start out with 7 games that they could win, (but will probably still lose at least 1 or 2). The last 5 games are killers. They play Ohio St., Iowa, and Wisconsin on the road and Penn St. and Minnesota at home. They will be lucky to win more than one of those games.
  12. taffaej

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    It’s funny as hell that Rutgers got an “N/A. Cornholers should be “N/A” too

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  13. okeefe4prez

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    Yeah, I guess you're right. Never in the recorded history of football has a team gone from a losing record to 9 or 10 wins.
  14. MelroseHawkins

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    No shit. It's been so many years now you'd think they'd be opposite and rank them lower knowing their past decade records. It fucking annoys me.
  15. Hawknigh

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    Is the Rutgers N/A a judgment about the quality of their football team? Or the unlikelihood of them being able to field a team at all?
  16. Zstatman

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  17. Northside Hawk

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    Those that do, in the B1G anyway, do it by playing hard nosed, close to the vest, physical football and have a strong defense and kicking game.

    Frost is trying to build his team like a Big 12 squad and will go about as far as TCU or Texas Tech would in this conference.

    He is trying to look pretty at the skill positions but is still woefully weak in the trenches. Ask Archie Manning what is like to not have an offensive line in front of you.
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