Fran in February/March

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    not to nitpick...but it was 9 non-conf.
    December 1, 1979 Northern Illinois Iowa City, IA W 86–43 1–0 0–0
    December 3, 1979 Colorado State Iowa City, IA W 113–66 2–0 0–0
    December 6, 1979 Northern Iowa #20 Iowa City, IA W 78–46 3–0 0–
    December 8, 1979 Detroit #20 Detroit, MI W 80–54 4–0 0–0
    December 11, 1979 Wichita State #17 Wichita, KS W 81–62 5–0 0–0
    December 15, 1979 Iowa State #17 Ames, IA W 67–64 6–0 0–0
    December 22, 1979 Mississippi State #13 Dayton, OH W 81–62 7–0 0–0
    December 23, 1979 Dayton #13 Dayton, OH W 61–54 8–0 0–0
    December 29, 1979 Drake #11 Iowa City, IA W 77–66

    Interesting thing, as you'd mentioned... Purdue and Iowa both made the Final Four but neither won the Big Ten. 3rd and 4th in conference...and 3rd and 4th in the country.
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    No problem! Sports reference doesn't list the UNI game for whatever reason?
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    congratulations on a great wife and a nice job and not mixing up those adjectives.

    Had to be difficult since you think your Cowboys are back after one good season and another year where the Patriots have more playoff wins in one season than your "Back" Cowpokes have in 20 years. Even the Giants have won as many Super Bowls as the Cowboys have won playoff games in two decades.

    Let's see ... one good season without a playoff win is "back" but the Hawks 12-0 regular season is smoke and mirrors.

    But, hey, you're content with your Cowboys winning an east division championship -- but mock Hawk fans/Ferentz for claiming a west division championship.

    And you claim your Cowboys are back after losing another non-divisional and non-championship playoff game and cry about Hawkeyes/Ferentz bowl losses.

    You gnash your teeth about Hawkeye mediocrity and yet your Cowboys are a whopping 58-55 this decade.

    Elite? They're not even back.

    And you can't be taken seriously until you hold the Cowboys/Bugeyes Jones to the same standard you demand of the Hawks/Ferentz.
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    by the way, zip it up your mediocre posting is showing: this a a Fran thread; not a Fry/Ferentz thread -- you know -- basketball.

    And secondly, I can go all the way back to a game last season that was as exciting as a 1985 game I don't remember. How about you and your Cowboys. Been excited about your Boys since 1996 have you?
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    He does a great job with this basketball program. I have enjoyed seeing his late season success. The first year they upset Purdue. 2 years later they made the run to the championship game of the nit. 2 years after that they finished 6-0 in the regular season and blew out Davidson in the NCAA tournament. This year they will make another great run, I'm thinking big 10 tournament championship.
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    -------Each one of those guys took the previous coach's recruits and did well but couldn't do so well with their own recruits (except Hoiberg). And you want that?

    You are a FOOL if you say that you wouldn't trade places with what ISU has done the last 20 years....especially the ability to retool on the fly, and the Home Court Atmosphere.

    WOW feel better now? Chill bro!!!
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    Maybe Screaming Fran wears them down and by the time Groundhog day comes, they're spent.

    This is a young team. Give 'em benefit of the doubt.
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    Chill?! Why would I CHILL now that I've experienced how therapeutic being over THE TOP is and saying ANYthing I want without regard to consistency or context.

    By the way, your Cowboys were 45-51 this decade prior to this season. One-off.
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    Not this again...
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    The DePaul fiasco seemed to be a wake up call for the team. Hopefully last night will do the same. I can confidently say no team is going to make 19 3’s against us again. I’ve never seen a team shoot like that before.

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    We will not see a 17-0 run against us again this year!