Fran McCaffery, Jordan Bohannon Talking About Gary Dolphin

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by RobHowe, Nov 29, 2018.

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    Q. What's your reaction after hearing the comments made by Gary Dolphin?

    COACH MCCAFFERY: Really disappointing. I was disappointed in those comments. I think when one of our own attacks one of our players the way he did, it's inexcusable. And it's over. We dealt with it. And we're moving on. Getting ready for Wisconsin.

    Q. Did you talk to your team about it?

    COACH MCCAFFERY: I did. Yes, I talked to my team about it. And I think the prevailing feeling was just to talk about it and move past it.

    Q. The player whose name was mentioned, did you talk to him specifically?

    COACH MCCAFFERY: I did. It was incredibly unfair. He has played extremely well for us. He plays hard. He's a good person. He didn't deserve it. But he's also a young guy with tremendous character. So I've been really impressed with him and how he's handled everything.

    Q. One more question about Gary. The statement by Gary Barta, he mentioned "ongoing tensions." It kind of leaves open conjecture and speculation that there's problems between you and Gary. I'm not saying there is, but do you see why fans would think that and how do you address that?

    COACH MCCAFFERY: I think it's fairly well known we've had some issues. But we've gotten along fine. I'm disappointed in him.

    Q. Did Gary Dolphin talk to the team?


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    Yeah Fran didn't like what Dolph said one bit. Not one bit... Nor should he. Hope it galvanizes the guys. They can say hey look here we are undefeated yet our own radio guys aren't buying how good we are. So I dunno like so many things in life it all depends on where your sitting and what shoes you have on..
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    I agree with this guy.

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    No argument from me. UI is screwing this up. It's not the first time.
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    And this guy:

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    Bohannon answered better than FranMac.

    But Fran is right, Dailey has played well this year.

    And Dolph is right, it was a bone-headed play to drive head-down into a double team.

    If Fran is disappointed in Gary for pointing that out then I expect NOT ever to see Fran call out a player for a bone-headed play from the sidelines because “attacking” players Is “disappointing” and “inexcusable”

    And most of Dolph’s on-air comments were positive about Pittsburgh’s guards

    then Fran’s failures at getting quick guards

    and then Dailey’s bone-headed play.

    None of what he said was untrue.
    None of what he said was vindictive.

    If you have a problem with the truth (Fran/Gary/Maishe) then
    it’s a “you problem” — it’s not a truth problem.
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    You wonder if Dolph will be assigned to football games only after this. Fran seems to hold grudges a long time.
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  8. DDThompson

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    Good point.

    Plus, Dolph can’t keep up with basketball. This just Might be an excuse for a different PxP guy
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    These comments seemed to have an edge to them, IMO. Wonder if there is a chance Dolph doesn't survive this and the move on from him.

    COACH MCCAFFERY: I think it's fairly well known we've had some issues. But we've gotten along fine. I'm disappointed in him.

    Q. Did Gary Dolphin talk to the team? No.
  10. MelroseHawkins

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    I don't think so. I don't think Learfield would hire another just to do one sport. I think either they move on from this or Dolph gets replaced by someone else who does both.
  11. theboat

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    It’s as if they lay out all the possible PR responses and intentionally pick the worst one.
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    The important thing is that we have a basketball game

    Tomorrow night

    That is the News

    Of Import

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    Here’s the thing. I never listen to Dolph so I really don’t care if he ever does a game again. But for some reason this actually pisses me off because it just solidified that Fran can dish it but can’t take it. I actually don’t even think it was really anti Dailey in the statement. It is Frans shitty recruiting that has forced Dailey to be a primary ball handler. Not his fault that it isn’t his best skill set. It’s Frans fault that he’s being forced into it.
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    I guess this is maybe why the IA media is maybe afraid to ask the tough questions to the head coaches? Get that press-pass revoked. Seems like a touchy bunch.

    But, back to Gary, I guess it really comes down to if the Play by Play guy at Iowa can have an opinion (on the air) on recruiting, strategy, and player personal? Or is his/her job is restricted to more or less calling the action? I'm guessing that is the way it is being looked at in terms of the employer. Fran does not like it because he takes it personally ( I would guess) and does not put his program in a good light.

    But it is reasonable to say, that the things Gary pointed out aren't really wrong either.

    Seems this getting way over blown and hopefully both sides can make their case behind the scenes without having someone lose their job over this.
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  15. ATLHawkeye

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    If something like what Dolph said hurts your feelings, good luck with the rest of your life!
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  16. ibahawkeye

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    So it sounds like Gary and Fran aren’t too great of buds.

    I would bet Kirk would lobby for Dolph. What position would that put Barta in?
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    Dolph is right about the lack of speed, penetrating ability and breaking down defenses by our guards over the years.

    Many on here always get on Fran for not getting a top flight point guard
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  18. EstronHawkKing

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    What is the tension between Dolph and Fran? I don't mean what just happened, but obviously something from the past.

    I would not want to deal with Fran on a daily basis, he has some Bobby knight in him with his temper and anger issues.
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  19. slankyJ

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    I'm very disappointed in Fran's comments.
    Dolph's comments over a 'hot mike' were absolutely excusable. Forgive, forget and move on.
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    JBO says it’s a tough situation? How?! You wake up practice and focus on the next game! How hard is that. My goodness!! This has been blown into something larger than it should be..