Fran McCaffery, Jordan Bohannon Talking About Gary Dolphin

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by RobHowe, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. EstronHawkKing

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    they act like he has committed some horrible crime. if we lose to Wisky, I'm sure Fran and the players will say it was all Dolphs fault
  2. tksirius

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    I think he means that it's tough because he personally doesn't give a shit, but Fran probably forces him to care since Fran & Dolph have this feud going on.
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    Agree and IMO goes to the heart of weakness, especially at this level. If this has any affect on your team your leader is weak. That’s just my take!!

    If Dolphin returns and I’m beginning to think now that’s a BIG IF it will be his last season calling BB.
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  4. dahlhawk

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    I would love to see Dolph start to portray Fran like every ESPN and other network announcer does, as a blowhard. Even the BTN loves to show the crazy temper and antics of our head coach. Can Dolph start apologizing for Fran's behavior as well? I got to admit I did like Fran's fire in the beginning because I thought Lick was so damm passive and accepting to anything the officials did to Iowa, but come on now, Fran costs us calls which cost us games. It's no wonder we don't get a close call and officials are ready to T him up at any provocation. Now Fran's playing the aggrieved victim and making it as personal as he can. I doubt that Daily really cares what Dolph said or probable agrees with him, but Fran will leverage this to his advantage as much as he can. I wrote earlier that this was an opportunity for Fran to be the bigger man, to show us he had a sense of humor. But no, like always he can't get past his own ego.
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  5. ThunderHawk

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    The only comment by Fran or anyone else on the team should have been "no comment. We're focused on winning the next game."

    Period, full stop.
  6. ThunderHawk

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    The hallmark of a true leader is the ability to be intense and assertive without losing your shit. Losing your shit makes you weak and ineffective and gives away your power.
  7. ThunderHawk

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    You know, in this day and age, if you just have the self control to lay low and keep your mouth shut for 24 hours, this kind of thing disappears into the ether and gets washed away by the next poutrage.

    IOW, when in doubt, just STFU
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  8. slankyJ

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    A few years back during the Woodbury Eye-Poke Gate

    Fran to media when asked about Woody's multiple eye pokes : Ask an intelligent question.

    Media member : Why wasn't that an intelligent question?

    Fran : Because I said so.

    During Woody/Gessel/Uthoff/etc. Senior year Iowa loses another close game, Gessel takes and misses final shot instead of Uthoff. Media asks Gessel what they were trying to do on the last play.

    Fran : It's none of your business what the play call was. Period.

    But Dolph's 'hot mike' statements were inexcusable. Apparently Fran has never looked into a mirror.
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  9. Northside Hawk

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    In a side note, Fran can't be too happy with his boss for not letting the incident die and getting ready to discuss it publicly right before an important game.

    Fran is human. How can this not be in the back of his mind when he's trying to get ready for and coach a game. Even if Barta and Fran have talked on the side, there's no guarantee what might come out of Gary's mouth this afternoon.
  10. InGoodCo

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    Kakert mentioned on their podcast this week that some of the tension between Fran and Gary stems from when Gary requested a couple of court side tickets from Fran for some relatives for an Iowa vs WI game a few years back. The relatives turned around and sold them to WI fans. The seats were right next to Margaret and I guess they heckled her the whole game. Oh the dramz!
  11. eveningnewsteam

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    I figured Dolph just unloaded them at the Great Dane in Madison the night before
  12. Robowe

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    So, we all know the game of Operator. Here's how I heard the story on the Todd Brommelkamp show this week. Dolph got tickets for a game for 4 cops that work in Dubuque. One of them wore Wisconsin gear to the game (there was no heckling) because that person was from Wisconsin. Margaret did not like that Wisconsin gear in the Iowa friends and family section.

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  13. WindsorHawk

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    I'm fine be parented by my dad...not so much by my neighbor that I see a couple times a week.
  14. revkev73

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    I am wondering how any of this is an "attack" on a player or the coach. (Fran's description) They were the announcer's views on what he perceived to be poor recruiting for quality/quick PGs. (how dare he say that?) And comments about a player dribbling into double coverage with his head down. (They teach you not to do that in grade school BB) An attack? How, in what way?

    Attack: "An aggressive and violent action against a person or place."
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  15. revkev73

    revkev73 Well-Known Member

    Fran doesn't have a "likable" persona, court-side. His psycho, accusatory, victim, drama queen, antics work against getting those calls that often win or lose a game.
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  16. Cableman

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    I was going to say that it was because we're a young team but I can get on board with it being Dolphs fault, just as long as we're still talking about this next week. That's all that really matters
  17. PCHawk

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    So did it go from "Margaret was mad about the fan" to "Fran was mad at Dolph"?
  18. Robowe

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    One they found out where the fans got their tickets, the anger was transferred from the fans to who provided the tickets. :)
  19. DDThompson

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    Only he wasn’t being parented by his neighbor. He was being talked about by one neighbor to another while a third neighbor put a bullhorn up to the conversation.

    This is more like a worker detracting me to another co-worker and I hear about it.

    (Doesn’t matter how I want to respond or how I choose to respond, and it would be a different response depending on what was said and who said it.)

    In the real world, I still have to work with them. I can’t get anyone fired or suspended nor can I choose not to work with them because they said something bad about me.