Fran Not Looking To Redshirt Anyone in 2013

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    For those asking if Jok might redshirt. I saw this article posted an hour ago in the Des Moines Register

    This team is so hungry. I say the more competition the better!

    “I’m a firm believer that it will work itself out,â€￾ McCaffery said. “It just will. There might be a night or two when a guy is not 100 percent happy, but they’re such good kids. They really do pull for each other. They like each other. And they want to win.â€￾ -Fran
  2. WindsorHawk

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    Well...what are we going to talk about on here now?
  3. ibahawkeye

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    I just think the trend is to red shirt less and less. I dont have any #s to prove that but the kids are so talented coming out of high school they can contribute right away. If they cant, coaches dont want to tie up that scholly for 1 extra year. The exception is big men as they just seem to need more time to develop.
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    Overseas trip? PTL? Jus sayn
  5. deanvogs

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    I agree. HS kids are playing way more BB now than they did 15 years ago. The AAU season, the HS season, they are playing all year round in a semi organized way (AAU is more like a pick up game for high end talent).

    While I still think it takes the majority of kids a year or two to find their stride in the D1 college game, they are still coming to college with much more game experience than they ever did before.
  6. LawVHawk

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    I think this is the right approach. Fran now has an entire bench of players who can contribute. Let them compete for PT. It will only make them, and the team, better. And lord knows when one of them will need to step in and fill a slot due to injury or other factor.
  7. Section136

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    Fran must not have talked to 'talent about how he should redshirt Ingram. He knows Ingram's 3rd year on campus will be his coming out party and 'talent thinks it would be best if he is a RS Sophomore that year.
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    Sounds good...I was actually making fun of myself as much as anyone. I'm knee deep in most of the RS threads with my thoughts and it was all for nothing.
  9. sportstalent

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    Yes, we spoke prior to the article. Redshirt or not it doesn't change my mind on Ingram.
  10. BrueCrew3

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    While I understand Fran's position, I have to believe there's going to be a red shirt or transfer. There was a 10 man rotation this year. Only 1 is leaving. Three new players (Uthoff, Meyer, Jok) are coming in. IMO, Uthoff (his red shirt is already used) will see the most playing time. Jok will also see time. (Although I still think a red shirt will do him good.) Meyer (whose red shirt is already used) will see spot action just to get him acclimated to the rigors of playing a D-I 4/5 position.

    That leaves Ingram. I really don't see him cracking the rotation unless he vastly improves his game. If he's to play only as much (or less) as he did this year it would benefit him and possibly benefit the team for him to red-shirt.

    I'm just trying to do the math in my head and don't see the 200 minutes spread out over 13 players. It just makes sense that someone transfer or a red shirt be used.

    Just my $.02 .. ..

    GO HAWKS!!!
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    It seems like redshirting does do big guys the most good so they can get stronger, etc. in that extra year - hopefully Meyer will be a perfect example of that. But as for not redshirting guys, I'm ok with it in general.

    If less talented guys are losing minutes, and end up transferring because of it, my attitude towards that is "so be it". I'd rather see our best guys on the floor and weed out some of the guys who are at the end of the bench taking up scholarships. Yeah, that it's a little Sabanesque on my part, but I just want to see the best possible players on the floor that can be. Where I see a problem is if you have some of your better players transferring, like we saw under Lick. If someone transfers for lack of playing time, it's not like they're being "forced out" - there will always be guys who get the lion's share of the minutes, and others who don't play much, or at all. That just will always be the case.
  12. lightning1

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    He said it will work itself out. If he isn't going to red shirt anyone then we might see some tranfers over playing time.
  13. ibahawkeye

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    Why does everybody have to bring up transfers?? I'll say NO transfers. I trust Fran as a coach and his ability to motivate all his players and infuse the importance of the 2nd team and practice squad and for all players to push each other!!

    Go Hawks!
  14. lightning1

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    Sometimes it isn't about what Fran or the fans want, when it comes to transfers. If a kid is a SO or JR and wants to start, more than he wants to attend Iowa, then I have no problem with that. Believe it or not, playing time is more important to some people.
  15. brozley

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    Meyer rides pine and hopefully Ingram beats out JO so he rides the bench as well.
    Talent plays, the others sit and watch.
  16. VAHawkFan

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    I had been in favor of Ingram wearing red next season until reading this: Best move for Hawkeye man: no redshirts. Specifically, I thought this idea had a lot of merit:"Discard the idea of redshirts. Top recruits will notice. Take the best nine or 10 players each week — and go out and win. That’ll best serve the program next season and long-term."

    That's when I changed my mind. I think there's 10 - 15 minutes per game that could legitimately be available for the bottom 4 or 5 guys. If the team knows that PT is earned in practice and that spots in the rotation are up for grabs each week (and if the coaches honor it, of course) then you start to create a healthy, competitive environment within the team which is only a good thing. Sure, from week to week some guys are still riding pine, but then it's up to them to bring it in practice and earn their way onto the floor. And you get to legitimately tell recruits they'll absolutely have the opportunity to play right away, provided they prove they deserve it.

    And if Fran finds another Gabe Olesani type who has tons of potential but lacks experience, by all means, take a chance and slap a shirt on him. The system doesn't break.
  17. HomerChampless

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  18. homes

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    Talent does play, but hoping Ingram beats out JO is not supportive of your premise. Ingram will play if he is better - period.
  19. uihawk82

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    Bottom Line - Fran has to win games to overall keep his job and keep his coaches employed. And Fran has an extremely competitive nature, that you can see, so he probably wants to win at almost everything. Fran also cares for his players.

    So Fran is going to make the best decisions for the team's winning percentage which affects his employment and he is also going to make good decisions about his players with their input. If a sophomore like ingram doesnt want to redshirt even if coach wants him to then so be it.

    This upcoming season has probably one senior and one junior who are nba-level players, maybe. Most of these players big time bball careers are over after college ball. Of course they want to be on the court and some of them could make good money playing in Europe or nba d-league.
  20. ssckelley

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    I do not think Fran would approach next season at the end of April thinking he is going to redshirt someone, I doubt last year at this time he knew he was going to redshirt Meyer. Anything can happen and a lot can happen between now and November, when these decisions get made.

    Scrimmages must be interesting because now they have scholarship players to use as backups in a 5 on 5 scrimmage. It seems like only yesterday the Hawks could barely fill a starting lineup with all scholarship players.

    Interesting nugget on scheduling:

    I wonder who that could be with?