Fran Says Moss Wants Expanded Role

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by RobHowe, May 3, 2019.

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    Doesn’t make much sense to me... He was a 3 year starter and without Cook his role was only going to be bigger. Nobody else can create late so he would have been the guy with the ball in his hands last in the shot clock and game.
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  3. trj

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    That’s just it he wasn’t exactly great off the dribble. He was good at shooting over-the- top of guys as far as creating his own shot he was like everyone else on the team.
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  4. PCHawk

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    I agree. I see a lot of posts saying Moss could create his own shot. Other than shots over people, like you said, and transition shots, I'm not sure I can think of 10 times he created a shot in 3 years. You need to be able to dribble to create a shot and he is a very poor dribbler.
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    After watching that video I get the feeling that Moss was facing being supplanted and encouraged to move on with his degree. McCaffery said he was a "good" player for Iowa and that speaks volumes coming from someone know for their hyperbole.

    I hate to see Moss go, but if someone coming in is good enough to take his minutes that is a good problem to have. I suspect CJ will be that person.

    Fran has a chance to balance the roster and address some deficiencies and it is good that he is looking at the transfer market.

    A couple of good recruits and the Hawks will have a chance to be a contender.
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  6. #1DieHardHawk

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    Is it just me, or does Fran look like he's aged quite a bit over the past year? Maybe it's just the lighting, but he doesn't look well.
  7. HawkGold

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    He is basically 60. Sooner or later it happens. Being a volcano underneath doesn't help the aging process..
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    My guess is that Moss's late game attempt at being a hero late in the TN game was about his frustration of trying to prove his worth. It didn't work well. His best games were when the game comes to him. Fran likely didn't take well to it.

    Other things, maybe some player combinations wouldn't let the game come to him such as players competing with time who happen to be related to the coach. Things hard to pick out that are still there.

    Never brought up, some of you aren't going to like this. "It's probably not you....". Well he knew it wasn't him. Dumb thing to say. Dumb thing to do. IC has an undertone as does much of Iowa.

    Keep an open mind:
  9. EstronHawkKing

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    He makes Christian Bale's temper look tame
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  10. bogeyman

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    A sincere question for all those who have been mentioning CJ as someone taking minutes possibly. Has anyone seen this kid play against college competition? I guess I have my expectations low, expecting maybe another Oglesby but if he is a stud would be really really excited. I'm just not sure where some are getting their hope from though as I've heard nothing or seen nothing about how he is performing. If I remember right he has very few big time scholarship offers???
  11. Hawk4Fan

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    defense next year again is going to be laughable AT best
  12. Hawknigh

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    No follow-up questions about why he couldn't get an expanded role as a Senior on this team?
  13. mopkins

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    He ended up with reported offers from indiana and xavier as well. He also won the Gatorade player of the year for the state of Kentucky. They've been saying he's a stud in practice, but who knows what that means and we know how good of a defense Iowa plays. He has a really quick shot.

    I'm like you where I have zero expectations for the kid, but he sounds like a lights out 3 point shooter...he shot 48.4% from 3 in high school. Pair him with JBo and JW and you could have three 40% 3 point shooters on the floor at the same time....not to mention Nunge's long ball ability and Garza's decent 3 ball as well.

    Sorta funny side note, he went to Covington Catholic, the school that got caught up in all that political drama a few months back.
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  14. Tierney

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    I went to bing and looked up 'C.J. Fredrick' and 'meet the freshmen'. He looked like he was pretty quick and could move pretty good.
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  15. HawkPrdatr40

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    It won’t change anything at all, we solid at every position. :rolleyes::cool:
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  16. HawkPrdatr40

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    If what you say is true Fran’s a bigger idiot than what I think he is. :) And everything else you typed after I find absolutely comical!!
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  17. IowaTeddy

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    Love the optimism. But it's absolutely ridiculous to forecast CJ as a stronger contributor than Moss. That has to be a joke.
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  18. bogeyman

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    Agree, perhaps close but what we really need is a penetrator still. Hope CJ surprises me but definitely in a a wait and see mode.
  19. Tierney

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    I don't know if Fredrick is better than Moss, but I do know Fredrick is going to be a bigger contributor next year barring injury. I think he will surprise some people. I thought Moss was pretty talented, but he didn't seem to have that take over personality.
  20. HawkGold

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    He tried to take over the TN game and it didn't go well. In the end I imagine Fran s reaction wasnt good either. Does it mean that he didnt have the skills or is in not what Fran wanted out of him. If the latter the reason for Fran s expectations would be important. Maybe it was the make or break game in his mind.

    Fran seems from a distance to want pkayers to fit his expectations rather that using their personalities at times. Whether peesonality fits ability is a different story.

    The players left seem more cog in the wheel.