Frans record vs Nebraska is abysmal

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by IowaHawkeyeFB, Jan 8, 2020.

  1. HawkGold

    HawkGold Well-Known Member

    He s not the only one around here with multiple personna disorder (several names). One who doesnt come around much used 4 or five and ganged himself up on people. Gotta admit it took some talent. Once in awhile he d slip up.

    Anyway few teams could withstand losing the players Iowa has. That said, Moss is probably on Fran. He s using T kinda the same way. But T is really young.
  2. smitharooney

    smitharooney Well-Known Member

    Fran has lost 6 times to a program that has never won a game in the NCAA tourney or won a regular season conference title since 1950???????
  3. BigD

    BigD Well-Known Member

    Must have cryptonite woven into their home uniforms. :p
  4. InGoodCo

    InGoodCo Well-Known Member

    Yes, I really want you to do that, you got 10 years of info to go thru, get cracking.
  5. InGoodCo

    InGoodCo Well-Known Member

    I'm giving the OP a hard time because he's just spewing bullshit to troll Iowa basketball fans. If he's really Oldhawk, then this makes sense. That said, Nebraska is either 1 or 2 of the easiest road wins this conference has to offer and Iowa has squander ways to get W's there way too often. His record is abysmal AT Nebraska IMO, I know I've seen all but 1 of them. .....hey, wait, maybe it's me?
  6. PCHawk

    PCHawk Well-Known Member

    Man this would have been a good year to not have injuries. Being 3-1 right now with a chance to knock off another 3-1 team at home would be awesome right now.
  7. homes

    homes Well-Known Member

    The facts should never interrupt an effort at trolling. I thought that was an internet rule.
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  8. revkev73

    revkev73 Well-Known Member

    "A Season on the Brink" Bobby Knight

    "Another Season of Chaos" Coach Fran
  9. revkev73

    revkev73 Well-Known Member

    Consistency is the key to success.
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  10. IowaHawkeyeFB

    IowaHawkeyeFB Well-Known Member

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  11. 1hawkeye1

    1hawkeye1 Well-Known Member

    On the other hand, he's beaten your clowns 3 of the last 4. So suck on that, Mr IowaHawkeyeFB.:rolleyes:
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