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    If you want FREE tickets to the last two home Mens Basketball games, you're in luck. The Hawks Nest Executive Board has acquired 600 student tickets, 300 each for the last two games that we are giving out for free. We will be handing these out tomorrow at these times/locations:

    12:05 T. Anne Cleary Walkway (130 tickets)

    12:15 Burge lunch line (70 tickets)

    12:15 Hillcrest lunch line (70 tickets)

    Student season ticket holders should be getting an email about some extra incentives such as these:

    Attend BOTH of Iowa’s final two home games (tomorrow against Michigan and Sunday, Feb. 28 against Indiana) and you could win….

    $5,000 to be applied against your tuition for the 2010-11 school year (One winner)


    2010 Iowa Football and 2010-11 Iowa Men’s Basketball Season Tickets (20 winners)


    2010 Iowa Football Student Season Ticket (10 winners)


    2010-11 Iowa Men’s Basketball Student Season Ticket (10 winners)


    $30 gift certificate to the Official Iowa Hawk Shop. (15 winners)

    Hope to see you all at the game.
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  2. HandsyHobo

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    Any idea when you're distributing the tickets for the Indiana game?
  3. That is a darn good way to honor the students that actually bought season tickets, while getting more students to the games with the free tickets. If I were a student with tickets I would have to feel like I had a shot at one of those prizes. That is a pretty good payout.
  4. BA96MA99

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    Excellent. They need these kind of giveaways for ticket-buyers at every home game. And don't do the drawing until the after the game ends (must be present to win)--otherwise, watch the stampede for the doors immediately following the drawing.
  5. DYK88

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    $5,000 to be applied against your tuition for the 2010-11 school year (One winner)

    VERY interesting promo.
  6. GhostofBTT

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    I pictured what the "Hawks Nest Executive Board" looks like in my head, and I just laughed.
  7. JHHawk

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    Good job. Thanks for the efforts to pump up some enthusiasm among students. It has to start there. Go Hawks!
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    I didn't know that the Hawks Nest had an executive board.
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    That's only 270.
  10. BA96MA99

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    The other 30 go to friends and family of the Hawks Nest Executive Board.
  11. iowahawkeyes89

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    LOL Yeah I found that pretty funny as well.

    Its a good idea though
  12. GhostofBTT

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    How can the "board" be any more than 2 guys? It couldn't be that all 10 students who go to the games sit on the board?

    But in all seriousness, when has the Hawk's nest not been lame? It was lame when I had student tickets 10 years ago, during the Recker/Evans years, and people acctually showed up back then.
  13. HawKCP

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    I was in the Hawks Nest the year we finished 2nd in the Big Ten with Bruner, Horner, Haluska, Thunder Doug, etc. That has to have been the best it has ever been and I would say that it was pretty good. The Hawks went undefeated at home for the first time in the history of CHA.

    One thing you have to give Alford credit for was that he reduced student ticket prices drastically and put some of the students on the side of the court. With first come first serve seating that is a good way to help ensure that the best students get seated on the side of the court where they're going to have the biggest impact.

    I would still like to see us make more of an effort to get students into the game a la Michigan, Mich St, Duke, etc...where one side of the court is all students in front. That makes a huge difference. When I went to a game this year I believe that Lickliter has increased the amount of students on the side of the court by moving the band.

    The difficulty is that the students stand all game and since everyone else wants to sit they have to close off a section behind the students. It'd be nice if they would make one half of the arena an area where you can buy tickets if you want but you have to realize that people will most likely be standing in front of you.
  14. GhostofBTT

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    CP, what I am trying to point out is that the students were there, it just wasn't anything special. They gave us all yellow shirts and told us to bring paper bags to games so we could pop them during free throw attempts. It was ridiculously lame.
  15. DuffMan

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    It's just one person. Here is her facebook pic...

  16. GhostofBTT

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    Is that Batman wallpaper hanging in the background?

    I am pretty sure that girl has been kidnapped.
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    They need to have a dunk tank with Lick manning the seat. Sellout every night.
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    This thread is awesome

    Where are the monthly board meetings held at? Do they wear the lame giant foam cowboy hats to the board meetings or are those reserved just for game day?
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  19. LinnMarHawkeye

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    Those seem to be pretty good promotions, but here is another one...
    5 students will be drawn to play jon lick at the fieldhouse to a game of 15 by ones and twos. If they beat john by more than 5 points, jon is replaced by the winner!
  20. jparmley3

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    These are great promos.

    But, if we had a competitive basketball team, they would be non-existent.

    Sad that it has to come to GIVING away tuition $$$ just to get you to go to games.