FSU could have trouble

Discussion in 'Football' started by 1standgoalat1, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. 1standgoalat1

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    Body fluids are hard to explain.
  2. DJL

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    Winston is saying it was consensual. This story will get ugly.
  3. Hawkfromnorwalk

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    Agreed. Body fluids are easy to explain.
  4. zhawk21

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    For a crime to be committed there are two elements; mens rea and actus reus. They have proof of the act (actus reus) but they still need to figure out if the act was done with malice (mens rea​). Without more facts or a witness to come forward I believe this case will not go before a judge and jury.
  5. 1standgoalat1

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    mens rea means sonething more like intentional. It's tough to figure this was accidental.
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  6. hawkfan33

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    This sounds like a football culture problem. Shut it down!
  7. NCHawker

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    let me guess you are in your 1st semester of law school?
  8. imported_ankle23

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    probably a holiday inn express regular. or law and order fan. but you are probably on to something....
  9. thetrza

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    I don't get it, did something happen at FSU? Is there some kind of player in trouble or what?
  10. My mens rea was freaking HOT last night. Just gushing out of my Actus like the Saylorville spillway during the floods of 93.
  11. hawkfan1319

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    The real question is why is this just coming up now? Just because he was a star recruit was it covered up? Is it now just being brought up by opposing teams paying for a conviction to happen?
  12. MeatMan

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    definitely a lot of confusion on this. why is this finally coming to light a year later? is the victim retracting her accusations? is there any evidence that it wasn't consensual? i've heard so many things that i don't know what to believe.
  13. Sparky

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    Taken directly from the story...

    Tallahassee Police Department detective told her that “Tallahassee was a big football town’’ and “the victim needs to think long and hard before proceeding against him because she will be raked over the coals and her life will be made miserable,’’

    Report: DNA links FSU’s Winston to accuser

    Everything about this stinks of a cover up by the police department. I recommend reading that story.
  14. GesterHawk

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    Or maybe some of Urban's friends down in Florida thought he could use a hand...
  15. MeatMan

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    yikes. seriously, this kind of **** needs to stop. this ain't the good old boy days. sexual abusers need to have their balls cut off.
  16. bigjim

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    Man it makes me wonder what in the hell is going though the minds of these young men these days
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  18. CWooD4

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    This screams "my generation is better than yours". It's not like rape has only been an issue in today's youth. Cripes.
  19. jsmith337

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    I'm in this party, just extremely odd about the timing of this... I'm gonna back to wearing my tin foil hat now.
  20. MiniMoeHawk

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    you failed worse than the acts they make fun of on AGT or Americal Idol