FSU could have trouble

Discussion in 'Football' started by 1standgoalat1, Nov 21, 2013.

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    By far your best post ever.
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    This is not correct.
  3. GoHawks24

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    Let's not kid ourselves, FSU won't suspend him or do a damn thing until an actual arrest is made, and everybody will be dragging their feet as much as possible on this. Don't wanna put that Nat'l title chance at risk!
  4. kmurp

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    But I doubt he wins the Heisman now. It will, once again, go to an SEC player.
  5. jsmith337

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    I agree, just really weird timing.
  6. hawkfan33

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    Pay the players!!
  7. SamBrownlee48

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    My understanding is that Minston's theory is that it was consensual, and as evidence of that he has two eye-witnesses. This in turn begs the question: Why are there witnesses to the sexual encounter? Winston lets his buddies watch?
  8. hawkfan340

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    I'm guessing he's defining witness more broadly than that. I.e. witnesses saw her go into a bedroom willingly or something to that effect.
  9. ICHawk24

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    The same thing that has always been on the minds of young men.
  10. GoHawks24

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    Good point and question.

    Just because a female retires to a bedroom does not necessarily mean that she's consenting to having intercourse (not saying you were insinuating that, btw). Weird that they would do that, I know, but trust me, it's happened before.
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    It ain't no fun, if the homies can't get none.
  12. jsmith337

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    These were the "lookout" guys.
  13. thetrza

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    Lots of kids in college have roommates who sleep in the same room. There are rumors on nearly every board about players witnessing stuff other players are doing and it comes out in these awful "school investigations" or in police or court testimony. Just because one or two witnesses say something didn't happen doesn't prove anything anyway its all embarrassing and misguided and shows more about what the football schools care about than whether a crime actually happened.
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    To listen to his stereo...