Fufred: any "insight" on Daniels / Sturdivant?

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by DOCB, Aug 17, 2010.

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  2. DOCB

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    I wonder why Iowa hasn't offered Sturdivant?

    kid seems to be around the ball on every play and solid as hell on wrap up
  3. Mac50702

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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Seriously what the hell.
  4. DOCB

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    You have a problem with me posting then address the issue ...

    these are 2 kids I am interested in seeing if Fufred who KNOWS A TAD BIT MORE than your *** about Ohio players can give feedback
  5. Hawke

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    If you're interested in "fufreds" opinion pm him and spare the rest of us your idiotic threads.
  6. DOCB

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    seems your "contributions" start and end with personal attacks
  7. DOCB

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    FuFred ...

    see your boys are giving 28.5 the 1st week ...

    any comments?

    HAWKEYESTATE4ever Well-Known Member

    FuFred is avoiding you like the plague. ;)