Fufred: what do ya think of Miller?

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by DOCB, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. DOCB

    DOCB Banned

    Seems to have decent arm strength ...

    I've seen his tapes

    do ya think he is that good?

    just curious ... seems some mechs need to be worked on
  2. fufred

    fufred Well-Known Member

    Braxton is one of the top 1-2 in a weak QB class. He can make all the throws and will be expected to start in 2 years. Graham could have something say about that however as he has impressed so far in camp.
  3. DOCB

    DOCB Banned

    JT gonna redtag Miller?

    great athlete ... not sold on him as a Div I qb right now
  4. fufred

    fufred Well-Known Member

    lol.....well that's the 1st time I've ever heard anyone question his ability to be a D1 QB.....
  5. imported_ankle23

    imported_ankle23 Well-Known Member

    this DOCB is just having his own kind of fun on the board. must be hard up at home. he's not an iowa fan, just pretending to be and trying to look kinda 'dumb' to make iowa fan look 'dumb'...if you know what i mean.
  6. fufred

    fufred Well-Known Member

    Makes sense, looks like he got to 100 posts in about 2 days......
  7. Hawke

    Hawke Well-Known Member

    I picked up on that too. He also seems to enjoy replying to his posts under the guise of another persona.
  8. Travisam

    Travisam Well-Known Member

    I know what the first and last letters in his handle stand for...just can't figure out those 2 middle letters!!
  9. DOCB

    DOCB Banned

    I'm not an Iowa fan?

    I go back to sitting in IC watching IC so anytime ya want to talk about Larry Lawrence and the fellas start yapping ....
  10. DOCB

    DOCB Banned


    don't ya think JT is better off redshirting Miller?

    kid has great tools ... just think he appears to be a few yrs away from
    leading the Bucks
  11. BLKNGOLD48

    BLKNGOLD48 Well-Known Member

    He does the same thing on Hawkeye Insider, floods the recruiting board with a bunch of useless info. Hopefully Jon will recognize this and put an end to it soon. I look at the message board and see 10 + threads started from you, what gives?
  12. DOCB

    DOCB Banned

    and you bring what exactly to this forum?
  13. BLKNGOLD48

    BLKNGOLD48 Well-Known Member

    I'm not even going to get into with you about this. Like I said, hopefully someone puts a stop to it so we can go back to discussing hawkeye sports. Everytime you post, it turns into a ******* match and people get fed up with it. Carry on.
  14. DOCB

    DOCB Banned

    You've made almost 120 posts .....

    crawl to the mods as this thread was not directed at you ....
  15. brealiowa

    brealiowa Member

    Hey DOC didn't you just recently get banned from the other sites forums. Keep it up, you're truly showing how classless and unaware you really are.
  16. DOCB

    DOCB Banned


    you have all of 8 posts and trying to tell other posters the "rules"?

    LOL .... you and Dr Lou Holtz can go share a room Missy