Discussion in 'Football' started by Bordone, Nov 21, 2015.

  1. Bordone

    Bordone Well-Known Member

    I think the fullbacks are going to have another NW type game against Purdue. Usually Seniors at Kinnick on Senior day Make statements. It's been nice to have fullbacks to watch that are playing the position.
  2. DrKnipe

    DrKnipe Well-Known Member

    Fullback is my favorite position on the field. Nice to see a token carry now and then.
  3. ClintonIAfan

    ClintonIAfan Well-Known Member

    This will be a big time fullback blocking game. They will make an impact.

    I wonder if they will use more FB running plays next year. Lane Akre and Drake Kulick are pretty good at running the football. Running a few counter plays could be good.
  4. Hawk1960

    Hawk1960 Well-Known Member

    Some fine blocks again today. Text book.