Gabe Olaseni's brother signs with Utah football

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by Casey388, Feb 6, 2019.

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    I didn't see Iowa on his offer list there.... Asleep at the wheel? I know we can't get em all but a kid with ties to the school that's 6'8 330 and that good of a prospect seems like someone we should have been in on...
    What's his big bro been up to? Haven't heard that name in awhile. Always liked and admired him.
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    It's more that we didn't have room for him. We signed 2 4-star tackles, plus are currently set at tackle with Wirfs, Jackson, and Kallenberger. Given that Bamidele is a JUCO Jr, he likely wants to play now, so Iowa wasn't a very good fit.
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    Agreed maybe we don't have a perfect open spot for him. But could we have made room? Could one of the tackles move into guard, opening up a tackle spot for Olaseni? Is he even that good / hard to say?

    You can't blame a JuCo guy that wants to play right away. But if he comes in as a junior, couldn't he spend his first year learning, adjusting, and breaking into the team? This would set him up for a senior year with a chance to start and I bet he'd hit it out of the park. With his talent, if he had a good senior year, he'd be a sure thing draft pick.

    I kind of feel like the days of the dominant, mean Iowa O-lines are gone. We still have loads of talent and guys like Blythe are killing in the league. But our O-Line is nowhere near the best in the conference and we don't run the ball well. I would love to see them get aggressive and go after a guy like this (admittedly I know nothing about him as a player, other than the fact that he's a mountain).