Game Report: Short-Handed Hawkeyes' Road Woes Continue at Indiana

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by RobHowe, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. seepig

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    I honestly think the Road mentality filters down through the Coach. It appears FRAN waves the white flag and though he would vehemently deny this watching him DO NOTHING while Green fires in 4 consecutive 3's on the road before you call a TO is just being uninvolved with what's going on. Fran plays his rotation whether he needs more defensive effort on the floor or offense. We've had times where we literally have NONE of our top 3 scorers on the floor what kind of rotational crap is that Rob?
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  2. RobHowe

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    Fran is flawed. No doubt. The timeout patterns and rotations raise questions at times.

    That said, I think he's doing a really good job with this team considering the injuries and illnesses.

    Garza played all but 20 seconds last night and Wieskamp played 37:43.
  3. SteveGarvey1

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    Probably lose by 30 without Luka.
  4. SteveGarvey1

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    If you're within 10, you still have a chance don't you? Think we were within 10 with four minutes left no?
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    Yes, and I think the hawks made a stop down 10 but then turned it over.
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    Yes the math is there staring right at us and the hawks. Too many turnovers especially on the road although it was only one more turnover that IU but Iowa needs to take care of the ball.

    With about 4-5 minutes left IU had taken about 10 more shots and their % was about 50%. That means 5 more buckets because of 9 more second chances on 16 total offensive rebounds and the 1 less turnover. Eleven more rebounds for the game even though Iowa came back and shot a better % so it wasnt because Iowa was bricking it.

    When a team gets down it almost always is their defense that gets them back in the game but Iowa isnt showing that ability. Not bagging on Riley Till or Ash because they are being forced into these minutes but they were totally over matched yesterday as you can tell by Till's 4 fouls in 10 minutes.

    Because of Pemsl's stupidity, JBo, Patrick, and Nunge being hurts, CJ going down in the game this team is now really nearly on empty. I think they have to set a lot of screens plays for JW to get going early and often and also have Garza as usual touch the ball a couple times each possession.
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    The game was in reach until there was under 3 minutes left in the game. We were a big bucket and a big miss by them from getting close enough to put serious pressure on them. Fran could have taken Garza out with 2 minutes left, but at that point, who cares either way?
  9. BlacknGold19

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    I can already see the 3’s pouring in for Minny.
  10. WindsorHawk

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    Throw minutes out the window IMO. Any of the 7 regulars that is playing well plays until they are exhausted or foul out. Any game that’s within reach...including last night...we go all out to win. If that means getting crushed the next game so be it.

    Side Note - If Garza is playing well he’s earned the right to play all the minutes he can handle every game. I don’t want his chance at various awards reduced because we’re saving him. He can handle it. Cut back his practice load. Just my opinion.
  11. #1DieHardHawk

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    It was a very disappointing effort for sure. Yes, the team is short-handed, but that doesn't explain the poor play on the part of the starters (other than Garza) BEFORE there was time to get fatigued. The "grit" that this team displayed early seems to be waning in a big way.

    We needed certain players to step up in the face of adversity, particularly Kriener, Toussaint, Evelyn and Till, and, other than Evelyn - who was at least was a steadying influence on the floor - it didn't happen. Kriener was one mental mistake after another, and Toussaint went backwards in terms of playing under control. Till plays hard and I really like his attitude, but he is who he is.

    We also need Wieskamp to play with more urgency. He's a very, very good college player, but I'm not sure he has much more of a ceiling. Either way, there's room there for him to play with more intensity.

    With the remaining schedule, losing CJ for any length of time could be the nail in the coffin in terms of getting past the second round. We better pray that Garza returns next season. It's hard to envision where this team would be without him.