GameDay crew not impressed

Discussion in 'Football' started by tweeterhawk, Oct 12, 2019.

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  3. uihawk82

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    If I am a prognosticator I see Iowa scoring 1 TD in their two big games. I wouldnt pick Iowa either. Iowa will have to play better on offense to win
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  4. Hawk1960

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    I've never been impressed with the GameDay crew either ... other than Kirby. ;)
  5. M1911A1Hawkeye

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  6. iloveyoularrystation

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    This team seems to be built of better stuff then they are giving us credit for. Confident we will beat penn state
  7. Caddy

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    They are giving us credit for what we have done. Beat 4 lousy teams, and lost to a bad Michigan team. That Michigan team is going to lose at least 4 more games. We scored 1 td, and that was a monumental 25 yard drive, in 8 quarters of football against the 2 teams we played with a pulse. I guess I'm not sure why anyone would pick us to beat PSU tonight.
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  8. WinOneThisCentury

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    Honestly...I don't think ISU is a bad team. So, we've beaten 1 good team and 3 bad ones, and then lost to a mediocre team.
  9. trj

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    I think Iowa wins by double digits. The offense was such an embarrassment last week they play with something to prove this week.
  10. NCHawker

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    To op teams score 60, Iowa scores be 30 to 40 on the cupcakes
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    Are you at Kinnick tonight?
  12. oldhawk12

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    Based upon what? Wishful thinking? Certainly nothing of substance
  13. oldhawk12

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    You don’t live in reality
  14. trj

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    5 in row

    that’s all you should be worried about
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    Holy shit there was some delusional predictions on this thread
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    Iowa is the embarassment...... because of 2 people named ferentz.......
  17. Garandx

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    Called it to a T btw
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  18. Caddy

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    I'm there for every home game. Have been for a long time. Another dog shit performance by BF and our high powered offense that he has no business running.
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    Yes you did.