Garza on SN mid-season AA 1st team

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Zstatman, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. Zstatman

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  2. Zstatman

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    Does Luka go pro after this season?

    If he finishes the year on a tear and does get All American and maybe B1G POY?

    If a Hawk fotball players, AJE and Wirfs come to mind, they would go. He might never be as valuable.

    I think most of us would agree he doesn't seem to have super NBA potential but I wouldn't want to sell him short. Will his dreams push him forward or does he have something to gain by playing at Iowa another year?
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    I'm of the opinion that he's not NBA material, but I was talking to my son who watches WAY more NBA than me, and he disagrees. He thinks the NBA likes big men with good fundamentals who have a solid jumpshot, and he thinks he has a chance to make a roster. He's not the fastest and doesn't jump the highest, but could play 10 min a game. Will have to see what happens after his NBA evaluation, which I'm sure he'll do after the season.
  4. JBStandefer

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    I believe he will get his NBA evaluation at the end of the year. And maybe like Ethan Hap(sp), Garza may just finish his collegiate career
  5. homes

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    I have given up trying to figure out why some guys make it in the NBA and others don't.
  6. sioux34

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    As I have said before, there is not likely to be any more hype around Garza next year than there is right now. You have to strike while the iron is hot, so if he projects as a first rounder, he would be foolish to come back.
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    The NBA and the NFL are way different considerations. Given the rookie wage scale in the NFL, and the wear and tear football causes, once you determine you are close to your peak from a draft perspective, you just have to jump. Financially, the goal is to get to a second contract. Its not like it was when Robert Gallery smartly came back.

    On the NBA front, there are so few positions available, and I doubt Luka is a sure fire 1 rounder to get a guaranteed contract. I think his situation is similar to Doug McDermott a few years back. Had a monster junior year, but was viewed as a 2nd rounder. Came back his senior year and showed even more shooting range and he was a mid first rounder if I recall.

    I would bet Luka prefers another year at Iowa over toiling in the G league. Plus, not to get too rose colored glasses here, but if everyone who is eligible to come back next year does come back and is healthy, this is a Top 10 team. That is not crazy at all. That is great exposure.
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  8. tksirius

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    When I first read the title of this thread, I thought it said Garza on Steroids. I guess it's not that far off.
  9. InGoodCo

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    If he projects as a 1st rounder, he would be foolish to come back, but I completely disagree with you about the hype. Could you imagine what the buzz would be around Luka Garza's senior season with what Iowa potentially brings back? This off season he will be able to shoot lasers out of his eyes and his toughness will be compared to Chuck Norris. At his point, people are still just learning about the guy, if he's a 1st team AA this year and B1G player of the year - the hype will almost be too much to expect him to live up to next season.
  10. Robowe

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    The last point you made is why Garza might be tempted to leave. Carsen Edwards (projected in the 1st round last year) didn't have much else to do at Purdue. 2nd team All-American, 1st team All-B1G. He lasted to #33 (3rd pick of 2nd round). Cassius Winston was the B1G Player of the Year last year - has he improved anything this year (including his draft position)? Or, is he just a year older? Stats are similar from last year - and yes, I understand his brother's death has impacted the situation.

    I believe that's what Tyler Cook felt last year as well. Sometimes (like some football players), it is about getting the clock to start ticking. An extra year of college is not going to help anything (in some cases) and the player just feels he is ready to go - and get paid. :)

    It will be interesting to see what Luka thinks going forward.
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  11. Xerxes

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    I think Edwards, Winston, Cook & Garza are all in the same boat. They're probably looking at a best case scenario of a NBA role player on a 2nd unit.

    I'm not sure a year more in college helps that or not. And there are a lot of pro basketball options available if one is okay living overseas.

    I would imagine a lot will come down to if they want to finish their degree for free at a traditional age or take their shot in the pros and do college later or just be done with it all together. You get the sense that Cook just wanted to be done with college. I would imagine the scholarship doesn't get reinstated if they return a few years later to finish school so a year or 2 of college = quite a bit of money for someone not playing professional sports.
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  12. 1hawkeye1

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    When it comes to NBA potential, I have no friggin' clue. I'ma just enjoy this ride for the rest of this season.
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  13. JG10Hawk

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    There are very few below the rim bigs in the NBA right now. Most teams want the athletic rim protector big and ideally one that has a jump shot but that's not a must. They'll take the rim protector/rebounder with little offense outside of dunks/layups over the slower less bouncy guy that actually has an offensive game because it fits the league's style of play better.That doesn't mean Luka doesn't have a shot but it will be that much tougher to find the right team that would not only want him but would play a style that would utilize his skill set.

    IMO Luka will need to continue to work on his defense and probably more importantly, improve his passing if he wants a shot to stick at the next level. NBA comp wise, he reminds me of Nokola Jokic. They are both similar builds, play mostly below the rim, and have similar scoring abilities (post moves and face up game). Obviously Jokic is a better ball handler and way better passer as he's one of the most elite passing big men to ever play the game. Other comps with similar builds and offensive games would be Marc Gasol (way better defender ie was a DPOY and been on a 1st All NBA Defensive team.) and I guess, for a closer to home one, Frank Kaminsky (taller & slighter build). Again, both of these guys are way better passers than Luka at this point.

    So why am I emphasizing passing? It may sound silly but since NBA defenses are more well equipped to handle a guy like Luka and exploit his shortcomings, developing his ball movement/passing abilities would make him a more well rounded efficient piece for teams to utilize at the next level. Without it, he likely becomes an irrelevant player on offense due to the play style.

    In a perfect world, Luka would again work on adding more dimensions to his game this summer and return next year displaying an even more elite level of offense with added ball movement abilities. I can actually see this happening with shooters like Joe W, CJF, and a healthy Bohannon surrounding him. That could be a super fun team to watch not to mention it would be one that could potentially make a run in March. That would be one way to help elevate his draft stock.

    As for draft projections? Kaminsky was probably overrated being the 9th pick in 2015 but he has probably been a top 15 player from that class so not too far off. Jokic and Gasol were both early to mid 2nd round picks and have been top 3 players from their respective draft classes. I can see Garza projecting around the same spot as the latter two as early to mid 2nd round pick because he lacks the athleticism teams covet in the 1st round.

    Ok end of my lengthy post, feel free to disagree with my thoughts. Either way I'm glad Luka is playing for the Hawks and I'll continue to root for him no matter what he decides to do after this year.
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  14. Zstatman

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    I see Luka being a 3 point shooter if he is to make it in the NBA. I believe he has the shooting touch to do it. He'll need a faster release but that's something one can learn. He could probably guard a 5 putting his body on a big but the bigs in the NBA are too strong and athletic for Luka to be really productive inside.

    Matt Bullard and Brad Lohaus come to mind as examples.
  15. JG10Hawk

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    Bullard is listed at having played in the NBA at 215 lbs and Lohaus 230 lbs per basketball reference. Luka is listed at 260 lbs per the Hawkeyes official athletics site and 245 lbs per sports reference.

    Most of today's better bigs in the NBA weigh close to if not a bit less than Luka. The one's I was comparing him to are pretty similar. Nikola Jokic is listed 7'0" 253 lbs and Marc Gasol is listed 6'11" 255 lbs. So, I'm not sure Luka being too weak will be as big of an issue as his athleticism. Obviously he'll still need to continue to build his strength but it's not like he'd be completely pushed around by too many guys IMO.
  16. The Big LeHAWKski

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    All it takes is one decent NBA contract to put a big chunk of money away for your future.
    What Luka lacks in speed he more than makes up for in toughness.
    Some team will pick him up and show him the big money...I just hope it's not till 2021.
  17. JG10Hawk

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  18. Zstatman

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    I wonder how Luka would look and play at a svelte 220 obs? :cool:

    Anybody remembe Jack Sikma that played with Seattle for year? He was built like Luka and was very successful, he had that fade away baseline shot where he'd put the ball behind his head, step back, shoot and no one could block it. So I don't want to say he can't make it inside but he will need to be on the right type of team, IMO.

    I don't want to sell LUka short at this point in time, with his work ethic and love of the game there are no limits for him.
  19. Robowe

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    Funny scene from yesterday ... but concentrate on what is happening in the back. That's Garza ... getting up shots. Always working. And, every shot went in. :)

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