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    As someone mentioned, he gets some of the cheapest fouls called on him that really take him out of games. Hopefully that doesn't continue and he improves his defense and we've got a stud.
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    What were his stats in the 3 losses at home?
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    From what you responded to where am I inaccurate?
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    How many rebounds did he have tonight?
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    9 but that’s understated in my opinion as he won us a bunch of rebounds that some other guy ended up grabbing after he deflected it out. He was very good boxing out.
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    Garza is a warrior out there in every game. Some of his mates should take notice and copy his game. You might laugh, but the way Garza plays reminds me of how Rocky Balboa was a fighter in Rocky 1 & 2.
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    The biggest thing for me with Garza isn’t even the jump in scoring, it’s the improvement to his defense and rebounding. Next I would say his ability to not foul, and his conditioning, he played 36 minutes last night!

    He and our other bigs have learned how to maintain verticality when contesting near the basket. Garza has been so much better at attacking the glass too on both ends.

    We always knew this kid could score.

    Lastly, I will add that we are going to need other guys to step up around him. The B1G is loaded with quality bigs. (Wesson, Teske, Tillman, Oturu, Reuvers, etc). Garza is going to have a war most nights down low. He will be up to the task on many occasions, but there are going to be nights where the other team is able to limit him a bit.
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    Most teams lose when their best players have off nights. Hopefully Garza has enough on nights to get us in the tournament. Or hopefully we have some games where we are on fire from 3 when he's struggling. I really hope Bohannon can play because this can be a fairly good year if he does.
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    My point was moreso just for people to temper their expectations on Garza being able to keep up this level of production. The good news is between Wieskamp, hopefully Bohannon, and Fredrick we have other guys that can score. There will be nights where I think Kriener will provide some inside scoring as well.
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    Did somebody say Rocky Balboa

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    Garza is our glue guy. He's obviously taken to not having Cook around really well. It's been great to see how he isn't shying away from anything inside. The fact he's been staying out of foul trouble is impressive too. He's been better then I would have hoped and it's been fun to see.
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    Cut me Mick.
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    This team has a toughness, physically and mentally, that I haven't seen from other Fran teams. The DePaul debacle could have started a tailspin but the team has looked really good since then. We still aren't a great defensive team but we definitely look better than in recent seasons.
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    Garza brings some intangibles that go beyond his production, which has been amazing so far.
    He genuinely cares about being great. He is in the gym, he is playing with stitches in where everybody knows if he gets even a decent bump, like the movie says, there will be blood. Garza is all in. Sprinting the floor, putting his body on the line.
    He may get some shots blocked in the paint. He may force a couple shots here and there this year. I'm okay with it all. He is a complete warrior and his mentality rubs off.

    I will say that about CMac as well. He brings a toughness and grit.

    These Hawks are way more fun to follow than I ever thought they would be.
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    I remember talk on here during Uthoff's senior year that they were way more mentally strong and won't collapse like the team two years earlier did.
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    I think he has really taken to a leadership role. He has really improved his defense and rebounding. I am still surprised by his toughness. The story they talked about during the San Diego St. game about how he wanted his lip stitched up without numbing medication being used because he needed to get out on the court.

    He is one of those guys that you will get frustrated going up against because he doesn't do anything super athletic or anything like that. But you have difficulty stopping him because he is so fundamentally sound and rarely misses.
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    The more I think about the game Friday, it’s going to be a very tough task for Luka on the defensive end. Michigan is going to put him in high pick and roll situations over and over again. Teske has a little better footspeed than Garza.

    Iowa might need to use a lot of zone in this one and hope Michigan has a rough shooting night.
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