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    There is over 17 years of evidence now that shows letting your defense stay on the field for 15 play drives does not turn out well when we play teams we're big favorites against. This whole idea of waiting for the inferior team to make a mistake has got to stop.

    When you're the better team you should want to force the mistakes. Not sit back and let the offense get comfortable while your defense gets tired. Who cares if you give up a huge play for a touchdown on occasion? All that means your defense is off the field and resting while their offense is back off the field not finding a rhythem.

    I'm not saying this will guarantee a win. There will be an occasional game where the defense gives up too many big plays and the offense makes too many mistakes for you to overcome. But this way clearly bites us in the ass way more often.

    It's always the same thing. Conservatively build a 2 score lead by midway through the 4th quarter instead of aggressively putting the game out of reach and having backups in. Then trying to kill the clock by not allowing them big yardage plays (which is an almost impossible way to stop a team from scoring when they have 4 downs).

    Then the offense has the daunting task of making sure the opponent burns their 3 timeouts (even tho they will still have 2 or 3 minutes which is plenty of time in college) when all they need is 10 yards to finish the game.

    Then for the finishing touches, send your tired as hell defense back out to try to look like luke warm butter instead of hot butter. How is that way of playing bad teams give you a better chance to win, let alone give you a more enjoyable game to watch?
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