Goodson leaving Iowa

Discussion in 'Football' started by BigD, May 23, 2020.

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    ............ backfield in it’s best shape in three seasons.

    Gotcha with that thread title didn’t I, Lol,

    Some thought I was off the farm last fall when I was the first to post high expectations for Goodson (whispering......... including you know who, who had said he hadn’t heard anything pointing to Goodson’s success in pre- season practices.)

    Goodson 5’ 10” 200 lbs
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  2. BigD

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    5 ft 10 inches, 200 lb (178 cm, 90 kg)

    Rest In Peace “SWEETNESS”

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    Had a little heart murmur there Big D. Fuck!!
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  4. 4thngoal

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    Yeah it's definitely starting to look like we are getting stronger in the rb room as well as the wr room. We should start seeing an offense that is starting to be ranked in the top 35 here pretty soon. If we can put together a top 20 offense to go with our almost always ranked defense, look out because we will have ourselves a ball club then.
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    I have a good sense of humor and that shit was not funny.
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    COVID humor strikes again. Don't quit your day job :p
  7. guffus

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    Meh, I keep hearing how Iowa's RB's and WR's are getting better, but I will believe it when I see it.

    I saw flashes of potential in Goodson in 2019, but I saw flashes of potential in IKM in 2017 too. Sometimes these players take it to the next level, sometimes they get hurt, sometimes they let personal issues de-rail them, and sometimes the just plain fizzle out, even when they give it their all, never realizing that potential.
  8. NikeHawk21

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    I’m not buying the IKM comparison who mostly played in garbage time his first year. Tyler Goodson came in as a true freshman and beat out three RBs with experience. Click on this tweet and go through this thread. Tyler Goodson has legit talent.

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    That's just wrong D.
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    That thread title gave me shrinkage!!!
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    I have got to watch my step for what you are leaving!
  12. 4thngoal

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    And we know that Iowa asks a lot of their RB's, so it's even more impressive. Remember when KF said "yeah we think we can trust him out there"? So yeah I think he is the real deal. He might be our first rb drafted in some time now. I remember seeing some of his training video and thought that this one is on a mission.
    I think we have some decent backs, that are upper class men, but if they are going to play on Sundays they are probably going to have to earn it the harder way.
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  14. MoseSchrute

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  15. Hawkfnntn

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    Yeah going into the year I thought Toren Young had a shot at getting the workhorse role. It didn't work out that way but he was a dang good RB and Goodson pretty much kept him and Sargent on the bench more then anyone thought they would be. Goodson is quick fast. Runs with his eyes. Obviously versatile enough to put him outside/slot and just use in a multitude of ways. Just the fact we've put things on tape for other teams to have to worry about and account for has value to it the others didn't have. Goodson is just getting started folks he's just a little better at doing some of the things Canzeri did. Can't wait to see more of him
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    Didn't get me.
  17. Ree4

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    I looked to see that the thread wasn't an old one from April 1st but didn't believe it for a second!
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