Guest picker for Gameday in Ames?

Discussion in 'Football' started by Jonrn, Sep 7, 2019.

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    Hhmmm.... I was good with my dad for 44 years until he passed. Not a white supremacist, nor aryan type. Perhaps you should just call yourself a jackass that likes to stereotype people because you can’t understand someone else’s likes or dislikes. Before more stereotypes come out, I am married, with 2 kids, with plural degrees, make (low) 6 figures, don’t have any tattoos, no prison time, haven’t touched a drug in over 20 years, barely drink, regularly go to church... I can go on. So again, tell me what’s wrong with listening to some loud, aggressive, hardcore metal??
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    I think you'll find those generalizations are just that.

    I'm no diehard fan of theirs but those guys are pretty well-spoken and I liked some of their songs as football and workout music.
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    Gable is an awesome choice....I love the superman/aquaman concept. Seth Rollins would make some sense as well.
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    How about just a famous regular ol farmer?
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    Most likely
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    It likely won’t be them, but if we are talking about a “famous person or persons” they are hometown boys who have sold 30 million records. They played at the Iowa state fair this year because of their loyalty to the state of iowa. Yes they could be offensive to someone with their scary masks, but the undertaker I’m sure is scary or offensive to some one out there as well and he was in Texas on Saturday.
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    Douchey narcissist Jamie Pollard will try and weasle himself on stage.

    So I haven't been to Hooterville in years. Try to avoid it. Is there still that cow pasture across the stadium as you come off the highway?

    Perfect spot for the GameDay stage.
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    Slipnot? Please...
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    You may not like it, but honestly you shouldn’t make judgments about thy types of people who listen to genres of music. I listen to Christian music about 50% of the time and yet I have a Spotify playlist that has Slipknot to marshmallo to sublime. I have a BA, spent 8 years in the Marine Corps and go to church every Sunday. No daddy issues and I have been married to my Puerto Rican wife for 12 years. Definitely not a white supremacist or I wouldn’t have 2 Hispanic kids. Sounds like someone lacks exposure to diversity.... SMH
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    Yeah you’re probably right. I painted that with a broad brush. It’s not fair to slipknot and other grindcore groups their music has been stolen and used as rallying music at white nationalist and white supremacy rallies.

    I’m a little sensitive to hate groups, since my son is black and grindcore has been on the playlist of most neo nazi meet ups I’ve seen.
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    You are probably right, I’m sorry.
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    Just talking with my Dad and we were thinking that Gable and Sanderson together with Sanderson picking the Cyclones and Gable picking Iowa would be great. They would be able to do a spotlight on wrestling in the state of Iowa.
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    Those kids and their newfangled walk-mans and their loud music. How can you mash potato to that?. Ammiright?
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    Fair enough. I get your perspective. Thanks for reading. Now... GO HAWKS!!
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    I don't think Slipknot would like being lumped in with White Supremacists. They condemned racist attacks against Arabs shortly after 9/11 as "unfuckingacceptable."

    You don't have to like their music - but don't play the racist card unless you have proof.
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    Could he even get the words out to make the picks?
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    Jamie Pollard will be first in line to get his mug on TV and tell the nation how great Moo U is. Serious narcissist.
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    Mark this down. He'll be whackin' it clone-style.
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